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March 14, 2024, by stxnn8

A guide for student job hunters on Instagram and X

Nkem Nwaobi, PhD student © via Unsplash by Sara Kurfeß

Student job hunting is no easy feat. Have you considered looking to job hunt in an unconventional, modern way? You’ve tried LinkedIn, it’s time to consider Instagram and X (formally Twitter) as viable platforms to build your presence, network and job hunt as a student.

Here are things I have personally used to obtain work experience through building a professional profile, going viral and having fun along the way.

Optimise your profile

Start by creating a professional Instagram bio that includes your current status (for example, your current job role or student). Make sure to utilise keywords relevant to your field to make your profile easily discoverable. Make sure you select the right profile picture! Unlike LinkedIn, neither X nor Instagram require a professional headshot, but that being said, make sure the picture is appropriate – something you wouldn’t mind your prospective boss seeing!

Curate a professional feed

Share glimpses of your academic journey, internship experiences and projects. I have found that using a consistent colour scheme and aesthetic to be visually appealing to the audience and to build your personal brand. To further build your brand, try sharing thoughts, tips and experiences in Reels or Tweets, a fun way to do this is through micro-trends. I have found that sharing videos with trending audios from Instagram or TikTok helps to build your following and engagement. If you don’t know where to start, look at content that does well in your industry. If all else fails, a ‘Day In The Life’ is always interesting.

Job hunting through engagement

I try to follow and engage with as many influencers, brands and professionals in my field, I would recommend you try and do the same, this provides insights into your sector. Comment (thoughtfully) on posts, participate in discussions and build a network of people online. Authentically reaching out to individuals online can foster relationships that end in opportunities.

Juggling the creation of a professional page, job hunting and other aspects of life can sometimes be overwhelming, in my experience a content calendar helps to make it easier in order to plan meaningful content that can showcase your expertise and personality. Follow and use hashtags when to stay in the loop and potentially come across job listings. As social media becomes more normalised in everyday lives, we are seeing more and more companies moving towards it as a means to look for people. Just this month I saw NASA advertising internship opportunities on Instagram Reels!

By strategically using Instagram and X, you can build a dynamic online presence that sets you apart in the competitive job market. Remember, authenticity and professionalism go hand in hand. Craft your online persona thoughtfully, and watch these platforms become valuable tools in your job hunting arsenal. By dong so you also have the opportunity to collaborate with brands and change makers in your field – who knows where those opportunities will lead you.

Visit the LinkedIn and online presence webpage to find out more about developing your social media for your student job hunting needs. If you don’t feel confident searching for jobs through social media, book a one-to-one appointment with a careers adviser.

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