September 26, 2023, by Jackie Thompson

My journey to securing a graduate job as an international student

Ajeya Shyam Bhat, electrical engineering for sustainable and renewable energy student

As an international student gearing up for job hunting in a new country, I was filled with a mix of excitement and apprehension. Navigating the complexities of job applications, unfamiliar employer expectations, and the challenges of visa sponsorship seemed like a daunting task. However, my journey from uncertainty to securing a dream graduate job taught me invaluable lessons that I’m eager to share with fellow international students embarking on the same path.

I will be starting my job on Monday 2 October 2023 at Mott Macdonald, they are an engineering, management and development consultancy firm. They work on projects based on a range of different issues such as climate change, social transformation, engineering and digital innovation. I will be working on projects in their energy division and be responsible for the design and engineering. I will be working on energy projects in the company along with a range of personal development programs, courses and structured training to achieve a ‘Chartered Engineer’ certificate from IET.

Your key to unlocking opportunities 

At the heart of my journey, I realised that early preparation is the cornerstone of success. Applying throughout the year increased my chances and allowed me to learn from missteps and refine my approach. Companies have diverse recruitment periods, so kickstarting your job search early offers a competitive edge.

Navigating the job landscape

Websites like Gradcracker, Prospects, and MyCareer sites are goldmines for discovering job openings tailored to your aspirations. However, don’t stop there. Delve into company websites for insights beyond advertisements. The government reports on visa sponsors and frequency offer a strategic edge, pointing you toward companies more open to hiring international talents like you. The university subscribes to eCareersGrad which has a course specifically for international students called Target the right employer with lists of companies who have sponsored international graduates

Crafting your path to success with the Careers and Employability Service

In my journey, the Careers and Employability Service played a pivotal role. Their guidance on aligning CVs and cover letters with UK employer expectations proved invaluable. But it wasn’t just about paper – they empowered me with interview preparation and employer insights that elevated my confidence and performance.

Navigating rejections

In the realm of job applications, rejections are part of the game. It’s crucial to understand that rejections aren’t personal failures but stepping stones to growth. Applying to numerous opportunities increases your chances, and treating each rejection as a learning opportunity boosts your mental well-being.

As an international student, I’ve walked this path – from the excitement of starting a new course to the thrill of landing a dream job. The journey was marked by doubts, rejections, and ultimately triumphs. My story taught me the value of early starts, strategic research, supportive services, and the strength to rise from rejections.

Main message

In a world teeming with opportunities, success is a culmination of dedication, strategy, and perseverance. As international students, we have unique journeys to share and hurdles to overcome. Remember, it’s not just about securing a job; it’s about embracing growth, learning from setbacks, and ultimately thriving in a new chapter of life.


In conclusion, the world of job hunting for international students might seem like uncharted territory, but armed with the right tools and mindset, success is within reach. By beginning early, conducting strategic research, utilizing career services, and transforming rejections into learning experiences, you’re paving the way for a triumphant journey toward your dream graduate job. Your international adventure is your strength – let it shine through in every application and interview. Remember, you’ve got this!

So, if you’re looking for a graduate job or guidance with writing your CV and covering letter than visit the Careers and Employability Service today!

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