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June 28, 2023, by Leah Sharpe

Thinking of Working at a Summer Camp? Here’s What You Could Learn!

By Grace Smyth, student blogger

Whether you are in your final year of university still unsure about what to do after graduation, or you are wanting to try something different this summer, choosing to apply to work at a summer camp can help you build vital skills for your CV while earning money.


Being away from home can teach you how to live independently away from your support systems while building a new community, increasing your confidence and ability to adapt to new environments, something employers really value.


When you are sat in front of an interviewer and they ask ‘tell me about a time when you demonstrated leadership skills?’ the panic of trying to come up with an example can be overwhelming. Yet working at a summer camp, there are countless opportunities to develop your leadership skills and you will be able to give specific examples such as leading a group in an activity.


By leading children in a variety of activities as well as working part of the greater community of camp leaders, you are developing key examples of teamwork that are highly valued by employers. Developing your problem-solving and confidence, you will find your place in a team which will help prepare you for your employment later on.

Organisation and presentation

Your role is likely to include organising groups and instructing campers, which is a great way to demonstrate your ability to organise a group. Public speaking will become an everyday task, as you guide your campers through the day’s activities whilst ensuring their safety.

Gain hard skills

If you can bring other skills to the table such as a background in sports, music, drama, or STEM for example, you  could communicate that in your application to be able to develop or gain more work experience in that particular area. You may also have the opportunity to gain qualifications while working at the camp such as being trained in first aid, lifeguarding and swim teaching.

Whether you are thinking about a career in teaching or working with children in the future, being a camp counsellor is a great opportunity to gain experience. The most well known summer camp experiences are based in America and Canada, but there are opportunities across the UK if you’d prefer to stay closer to home. I spotted some summer camp vacancies on MyCareer during my summer job hunt, with XUK Camps, Richer Education, Target English International and more, so this is a great place to start.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed them for this year, make sure they’re on your search list for next summer.

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