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June 27, 2023, by aayar4

Summertime Savviness: 5 Ways to Boost Your CV This Summer

By Amaia Robertson Nogues, American Studies and English student

Whilst summer is a great time to sit back, relax and catch up on all those episodes of First Dates, it’s also the perfect time to boost your CV and learn some new skills. So, here’s five ways to make the most of your summer.

1. Summer jobs and internships 

Whilst summer internships are usually organised earlier in the year, part-time summer jobs are usually easy to find even well into spring. Unitemps is a great place to find flexible short-term work, and the university also has specific opportunities for students. For instance, student ambassadors are always in demand for summer open days, so make sure to keep an eye out!  

2. Volunteering and creative projects 

Whilst being stuck at a cashier in Oxfam isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, volunteering is a great way to boost your CV (as well as give back to the communities you care most about!) Volunteering is also a wonderfully diverse field that doesn’t necessarily mean retail work. For instance, there’s project-based volunteering available in-person or online, and even offering your time at local businesses like care homes can be a great way to get involved. 

Also, if you enjoying writing, submitting articles to local or online magazines can be a great way to boost your copywriting skills. Creating engaging copy can be great for professional or creative development, and the university is home to magazines such as Impact, Advocate, Lingo Mag and many more.  

3. NOOCs (Nottingham Open Online Courses)

Nowadays, online courses are one of the easiest ways to develop your career or academic skills. The University of Nottingham has a variety of free NOOCs on offer, and assessed NOOCs can be found on the Nottingham Advantage Award pages. These run all year, and cover a variety of topics, from coding to mindfulness.

4. Explore professional courses 

The world of online courses has exploded in recent years, and practically anything can be learnt right from the comfort of your own home. You can find some examples via the Careers Online work experience page.

5. Explore the Careers and Employability webpages  

The Careers and Employability team offer loads of resources to help your professional development. Take a look at CV advice, interview prep, and be sure to make the most of all of the great support that’s available. There are also a bunch of easy ways to boost your careers skills without a big commitment, for example, development platforms like magpie are a great way to brush up on professional expertise. 

All in all, summer is a great opportunity to reflect and identify what areas you want to develop to meet your career goals. So, make sure to check out the Careers webpages to see what’s on offer.    

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