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June 6, 2023, by Leah Sharpe

Summer Term and I’m Still Not Sure What I’ll Be Doing When I Finish Uni…

By Cathy Sibley, Careers Adviser

Where’s the time gone? One minute you’re a fresher with three years in front of you and now it’s summer term and you’re in your final year! 

Many students find this a tricky time, as they don’t necessarily have a job to step straight into and feel they need to put their all into completion of final year assessments, with no time to go through what can be long employer recruitment processes.

There’s no one right answer to what you should do, although maybe mindset is something to start with by taking the pressure off yourself. As the cliché goes, ‘get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable’ and remember, you’re not alone.

An extremely high percentage of graduates feel exactly the same as you. Many do not have a graduate scheme to go to, whether that be by choice or because there’s only a small amount of graduate schemes on offer.

So, that’s all very well, but what can you do in practical terms? Again, no right or wrong answers, but rather than burying your head in the sand, here’s some ideas:

Apply for jobs

Apply for jobs but develop a strategy around your time and research. Rather than applying for anything and everything (which rarely leads to success) focus on specific sectors or roles. Block out specific time, decide a sector you’ll apply to, sign up for jobs boards and MyCareer and get notified of specific vacancies.   

Strategically apply to employers

Apply to those who have a less time-consuming application process. Many, particularly small employers, simply request a CV and cover letter rather than the full recruitment process of application forms, psychometric tests and assessment centres, which larger organisations often require.

Make a plan for when you’ve finished assessments

If you really feel you can’t do anything right now, then make a brief plan of action for when you’ve finished assessments. This could be getting a job building experience in an area of interest, trying a sector out, travelling, volunteering or maybe a combination.   

It’s always good to talk your steps through, so whether you’re not sure what you want to do or you’d like to discuss how to get a CV or cover letter together, then make an appointment with one of our friendly careers advisers. 

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