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October 6, 2022, by Jackie Thompson

Welcome Back from Careers

By Jackie Thompson, Information and Communications Manager

Hey, welcome back to campus and your studies at Nottingham. Although the start of the new academic year is hectic, are you ready to invest a few minutes to find out how our team can help you take the next step on your career path?

Maybe you want to gain some work experience this year or start to explore your options as a final-year student, here are three quick ways to find out how we can help you.

1. Watch our video

In this short video, meet Indy and learn about what we do.

2. Browse our online careers guide, begin!

Our Guide to Your Career gives you a glimpse into many aspects of your career journey. From getting involved in university activities to boosting your job prospects and securing an internship or graduate job, there’s something for everyone. Navigate four simple sections and dip into our short articles depending on the support you need. Plus, explore real-life student case studies that bring these experiences to life. Wherever you are with your career journey, this is where you can begin!

3. Follow us on Instagram

Head over to our official Instagram account where we’ll be sharing useful snippets of gentle advice, guidance, and inspiration around career planning. It doesn’t matter what stage of the career journey you’re at. 

Once you’re ready to dig a little deeper, take a look at our website, browse our events or book an appointment with an adviser.

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