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June 13, 2022, by Leonie Farrar

Looking for a Creative Career?

By Leonie Farrar, religion, philosophy, and ethics student blogger

Do you have a skill and interest in being creative? I know many people, including myself, love to be creative and would love to use this skill and passion in their future career.

While looking into careers over the last few years, I’ve realised more creative careers exist than I originally thought. While many people only consider obvious creative careers like being an artist, photographer, or musician, there are many other careers that benefit from a creative flair. Before ruling out a career, I look at the skills and responsibilities involved to see if it matches what I’m looking for.

Below are a few careers that involve creativity that you might not have thought of:


Creativity can be involved in a career as a therapist or mental health professional. As a therapist, you could specialise in art therapy, music therapy, colour therapy, or drama therapy. This would allow you to help others explore their thoughts and feelings through creative expression. In this career, you could work with adults or children with a variety of different challenges and diagnoses.

A career in art therapy interests me because it would be creative, rewarding, and would help others. I think expressing emotions through art is very useful for those struggling with mental illness. I would particularly want to work with children and young people to help them manage and recover from mental illness.


The marketing process for products and services involves a lot of creativity. This is now often digital and can be in the form of social media or email campaigns, online pay-per-click adverts, or public relations (PR). An eye for photography and videography when doing a marketing campaign is important for capturing the attention of potential customers. A passion for creative writing is also an important part of marketing, especially within communications and public relations. Within this area of marketing, you could be responsible for writing articles, emails, social media posts, and press releases.

I am especially interested in a career in marketing. Marketing would allow me to be creative but would also allow me to use data to edit and improve marketing campaigns. I would be particularly interested in communications and social media marketing because I would enjoy direct contact and engagement with customers.


There are many creative careers within the media industry. If you have a flair for capturing great images you could consider being a TV videographer or a press photographer. If you prefer creative writing, you could be an editor or a journalist for a magazine, newspaper, film, or TV. However, if you prefer to be creative through art, you could pursue a career in production design, and be responsible for the visuals for tv, film, or theatre.

A career in the media industry appeals to me because there are so many creative options. If I was to go into a career in the media industry, it would be in journalism and creative writing. This is because I enjoy writing articles and creating content for the public.

Creative sector

Another option would be to go into a career that doesn’t involve as much creativity but is based within the creative sector. For example, you could be a manager or work within finance for a music business, art gallery, theatre, or publishing house.

There are many creative careers out there! Remember to be open to different careers and check out what the job is about before discounting it. You can access more information about different careers and the skills required.

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