June 9, 2022, by aeyam24

I Don’t Have a Grad Job: What Now?

By Anna McConachie, English student blogger

It can be daunting leaving university without a spot on a graduate scheme. However, it’s important to remember that having a grad scheme is not the be all and end all for leaving uni.

Taking a break after university before you launch into a career can be very beneficial.

Here’s some ways to make the most of leaving university even if you do not have a job lined up.

Start your own project

Its great to show employers tangible evidence of your interests and experience, even if it isn’t career related! Start your own Instagram dedicated to your crochet creations, podcast reviewing your favourite films, or blog page discussing current events. I’m thinking of starting a bookstagram to finally regain my love of literature (and read a book not related to my degree for once!). These passion projects are great to showcase skills like creativity, dedication and enthusiasm, as well as showing your social media knowledge – something prospective employers often want from younger candidates.


It’s always great to gain experience abroad. Whether you enter a scheme like TEFL to teach English in a different country, become a chalet maid in the Alps or simply get away for a while. Now is a great time to do it before you enter a career with set holiday allowance per year. Moreover, travelling has a whole host of benefits for your career journey, like confidence building, communication skills, and the ability to adapt to new and changing situations. Even if not directly related to a career, this versatility and adaptability will help when being interviewed, and when you enter the workplace too.

If you’re really unsure of what direction to take your career in, meeting lots of different people with different backgrounds and different futures could help to inform yours. Maintaining ties with these people might help you with networking in the future. And you never know, you may discover a new passion whilst abroad, or an industry you never thought of entering.

Job vs career

There is nothing wrong with going into a job that isn’t related to your final ambitions in order to save up a bit of money before the next leg of your career journey. Remember that any and all experience is worth while, and it will be a lot easier to spend time and energy on applications when you don’t have four essays to write, lectures and seminars to attend, and occasionally a hangover from the night before.

Final thoughts

After spending so many years hard at work, it can be good to take a step back from academia, take your foot off the accelerator, and spend some time regaining a sense of what you want from your career. If, like me, you’re feeling a little burnt out after three (covid-ridden) years at university, allow yourself some time to rest before you begin again.

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