April 26, 2019, by Katy Johnson

5 Tips for a Winning Junior Digital Marketing CV

By Andrew Fennell, Founder of StandOut CV

Every company needs an online presence nowadays. Demand for digital marketing professionals is on the rise and is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. Securing an entry-level or graduate digital marketing role could open up incredible opportunities down the line.  

But, with minimal experience, how are you meant to secure that critical first step on the ladder? You need to create an impactful digital marketing CV which emphasizes your transferable skills and proves your enthusiasm for the industry – here’s how: 

1. Research your target roles 

When you secure your first digital marketing role, you’ll learn that absolutely everything starts with researching and understanding the target customer.   

And it shouldn’t be any different when it comes to your digital marketing CV. After all, how are you meant to prove you’re the best candidate for the job if you don’t even know what the employer is looking for? 

Before you start writing, spend a few hours doing some thorough research. Take a look at job boards, LinkedIn adverts and marketing agency websites to figure out what skills, attributes and experiences recruiters are looking for in entry-level candidates. 

To bag yourself an interview, you’ll need to try and match these requirements as closely as you possibly can on your CV. And, don’t forget; it’s essential to tailor your CV to each and every role you apply to. 

2. Boost your knowledge 

Once you’ve done some research, you may have noticed that many entry-level digital marketing roles ask for a basic understanding of digital marketing channels; such as PPC, SEO, social media marketing and analytics.  

If you lack experience, don’t be tempted to lie or give up entirely – it’s time to get learning those digital skills! There is a wealth of free digital marketing training and certifications online which will significantly boost your chances of securing a role.

Try and complete a few of Google’s free training courses such as the Digital GarageAcademy for Ads or Analytics certifications. Hubspot has some fantastic free courses on offer, too! Completing these courses and listing them on your CV will instantly make you a stronger candidate. It will prove your enthusiasm and passion for digital marketing. 

3. Pick out transferable skills 

If you are a final year student or have just graduated from university, you probably have more transferable skills than you realise. Even if you’re coming from a completely unrelated subject area. 

Pretty much all digital marketing roles require solid writing skills; copy is needed for websites, ads, blogs, social media, email and much more. You are bound to have written reports and fine-tuned your writing skills during your time at university – make sure to point this out on your CV. 

Other handy transferable skills include an analytical mindset, being technically savvy and having a good eye for design. If you can, try to find a solid example of when you used these skills and include them your CV. 

4. Shout about your side projects 

Interests, hobbies, and side projects are generally an optional section on a CV, but they can actually come in really handy for an entry-level digital marketing CV. 

Have you got your own blog or website? Enjoy photography or video production? Started your own YouTube channel? Sell products on eBay? Have an impressive social media following? These sorts of side projects are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

If there’s one thing that recruiters look for in junior candidates, it’s passion and enthusiasm. Therefore, if your side projects show any sort of digital, technical, creative or writing skills, you should absolutely talk about (and link to) them in your CV 

5. Quantify your achievements 

Ultimately, digital marketing is all about results – so add tangible facts, figures, and metrics wherever you can in your CV, for example: 

  • Gained a high 1st class mark of 92% in my final year dissertation. 
  • Built a following of 5,000 on health and fitness Instagram account from scratch. 
  • Started a blog which receives around 3,000 organic hits per month. 
  • Filmed and edited a YouTube video which has received 2,500 views.

By including facts and figures, it’s much easier to prove the impact you could make in your first digital marketing role. Don’t worry too much if the numbers aren’t huge at this stage, recruiters know you’re just starting out and all they need to see is your potential.  

Find out more about a career in digital marketing and have your CV reviewed by one of our expert advisers. For more information on developing your CV, covering letters and all other stages of the recruitment process, visit our making applications section of our website.  

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