February 18, 2019, by Katie Watson

Digital Skills: Let’s Get Digital!

By Katie Watson, second year BA (Hon) History, student blogger

Learning some digital skills can really help you land a great job once you leave university. Honestly, it is not as hard as you might think either. Here are 3 things you can do to go from this:


To This:


1. Complete Google Digital Garage or Google Analytics

Google Digital Garage is a FREE online course that can teach you all about Digital Marketing. Did I mention it is free? I have learned so much from completing it as part of the Digital Marketing Academy. There are various modules to complete with a test at the end. Learn things like setting targets, identifying your audience and SEO. The best part is that you get a certificate when you finish it. It is definitely something that will look good on your CV.

Google Analytics is very similar to Google Digital Garage but it focuses on teaching you how to use Google Analytics. It is another great way to impress future employers as you also get a certificate!

2. Take part in some DTH challenges this term

The University of Nottingham is very lucky to have the Digital Transformation Hub. It is based in the Humanities building and loans amazing tech to art students and staff. They also have computers loaded with software that if you learn to use might help you land a great job. This term the DTH is actually running competitions and workshops to help students learn key employable skills such as photoshop! Below are the details for their February competition but don’t worry if you see this too late, there will be another competition in March.

3. Look for opportunities within the University 

Our university is definitely not in the stone age when it comes to technology. There are so many opportunities available for students who want to improve their skills. Next year, make sure to take part in the Digital Marketing Academy. It has been an amazing experience for me and taught me a lot. Another thing you can do is become a Digital Ambassador. This blog post tells you all the benefits of becoming one.

To prepare for the digital workplace, the university offers Jisc’s Digital Discovery Tool. You will be able to self-assess your capabilities and read reports on how you could improve your digital skill set. If you would like to book an appointment with one of our advisers to discuss digital opportunities for after your graduation, login to MyCareer. 

Now that you know what to do, best of luck! Go forward and become Nottingham’s very own Tony Stark!


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