April 18, 2019, by Katie Watson

Insight Days: An Underrated Opportunity

By Katie Watson, second year BA (Hon) History, student blogger

I did not know what to expect at all when I arrived at my Insight Day at Hallam. Yet when I left I was so excited for a future job in Digital Marketing. My day at Hallam inspired me. Using my example of Hallam, here are 3 reasons to attend Insight Days.


1. It can help you decide what to do

The value of an insight day can often be underestimated when everyone around you is searching for an internship or placement scheme. Insight days are particularly useful for first and second years because you can see behind the office doors without having to actually commit a lot of time to that company.

In my case, the insight day showed me that I could fit into a digital marketing environment. Before my insight day, I thought an office was a hot stuffy room full of people in suits but Hallam office was so relaxed. People were in jeans! That really shocked me but the environment just made me feel creative. I loved the signpost in the room as it gave a sense of unlimited possibilities.

2. Hearing from professionals

No one knows what a job is like more than the person doing it.

At Hallam, I met Kevin Kapezi who gave a presentation on SEO. It was reassuring to hear that Kevin had not done a marketing degree as neither am I. If you are worried about being limited by your degree then don’t be. Kevin, who had studied law, shows it is okay and so does this other success story by one of our very own MA History student. Insight Days are the perfect chance to find out all the different routes people to took to get where they are today.

The opportunity to ask someone who does the very job you want questions is an amazing chance to find out if you actually have the right idea of what the job is like. Listening to Kevin talk about his career showed me that I would prefer to work for an agency as opposed to Inhouse as the idea of working on lots of different campaigns at a time excites me.

Meeting these people is also the perfect way to do the magic word: Networking. Love it or hate it, it’s part of getting a career and insight days are perfect for this! If you feel like you need more LinkedIn contacts then definitely attend an Insight Day.



3. Insight Days gives you inspiration and motivation

It can definitely be a struggle to balance your degree and all the aspects of life. It can be easy to lose the motivation to work towards a career goal, I have definitely been there. But going into Hallam gave me the motivation to not put my career goals to the side. It also gave me an idea of small things I can do to keep up to date with the Industry. For example, reading blogs is really good, here is one that Kevin actually wrote. There was also lots of advice about free courses that you can do online. If you are interested in getting digital then check out this post I wrote for more detail.

So next time you have the opportunity to attend an Insight Day, don’t underestimate the value it can have. If you go with a positive mindset, you will always have something to take away. Find out more information on the Digital Marketing Academy. Also, remember if you are not sure about your career you can always book a careers appointment.


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