January 18, 2019, by Katie Watson

Make a Difference, This New Year!

New Year, New Me!

I got my new gym clothes, I’ve eaten fruit instead of chocolate and I am out of bed before 9am. It is 2019 and I have all the productivity apps downloaded so I can check off those to-do lists and before a success this year. Sound familiar?



We live in a world obsessed with self-improvement and becoming the best we can be. There are so many books and pieces of writing about how people are successful in their careers which people cling to for advice. But sometimes what you read doesn’t always work.

Some say the secret to success is getting up at 6am. I say no thanks I’d rather lie in because at 6am I look like this.


That is okay for me to do and it is okay for you to do too.

How to be Successful?

For me, waking up early and checking off a to do list never worked. Setting endless tasks on researching and applying for jobs became boring and unproductive. So I stopped doing it. I took a break and decided to enjoy my life and that is when I realised.

I was doing all those things because I wanted to be successful in my career but I don’t even know what success is.

Before you start making all these grand plans about what you are doing this year to achieve success, define success.

Defining Success

Like most things in life, it is not as easy as it might seem. Definitions of success vary from person to person. One person might think success is earning loads of money to go on holiday. Another might think it is being able to retire at 60. For me, success is to do a job that will encourage me to be creative and support the lifestyle I desire.

Now that I know what success is for me I can break this down into more achievable goals for the year. For me, this is a much more fruitful way of tackling my career aspirations as opposed to mindlessly working through a to-do list.


What can you do? 

It might help to answer these questions:

  1. What are you good at?
  2. What do you enjoy?
  3. What is important to you?

Once those are answered then luckily you have an amazing careers team at your disposal. Look at other posts for inspiration on careers, attend events, book a careers appointment. Whilst you do all of this keep thinking back to what success is for you and naturally you will self improve your career prospects.



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