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January 17, 2019, by Katy Johnson

How You Can Get Funding for Work Experience Overseas

By Jill Bennett, Placements Projects and Systems Coordinator

It will come as no surprise that employers are always looking for what makes a candidate unique. Why should they employ you rather than the next person? What have you done to stand out and show you have the edge on the rest?  It is a very competitive market place but there are many ways you can develop a CV that will be hard to resist. 

1. How international experience will enhance your skill set

One great way of showing you have initiative, drive and organisational skills is by finding and taking part in overseas work experience. This can include internships, work shadowing or volunteering. Think about it. You will need to find your placement, probably apply and be accepted and then raise the funds to pay for everything.

Your organisational skills will come into play when you are making your arrangements for travel, accommodation, insurance etc.  Already you are using skills that employers want to see and demonstrating that you are not afraid to try something new.

2. Cultural differences

Your employment prospects are not the only thing to profit, the benefits of experience itself are equally, if not more, important. You will be visiting a whole different country, meeting new people, picking up a new language and immersing yourself in an unfamiliar culture.

You may make friends for life, or you might make decisions here that affect your future. If you choose the right experience you could be working in a field you love, and even if it helps you to decide that this is not the career for you, then better to find out sooner rather than later.

3. This can be affordable!

So, maybe you are thinking that this all sounds great but it also sounds expensive. It can be, and that is why the university offers the International Work Experience Grant.

This is a grant of up to £750 to support students to take up work experience abroad that they otherwise may not be able to afford. You can apply as long as you are a registered undergraduate studying at the UK campus and not in your final year of study.

4. Want some further information?

As this is the fourth year of the grant, we already have some amazing stories from past recipients. The deadline for applications is Sunday 14 April 2019. However, you are advised to apply as soon as possible, as with such a popular grant we may need to close early if we receive a very high number of submissions.

If this has whet your appetite for overseas work experience but you are wondering where to start, take a look at our internships abroad page for plenty of tips and advice. If you need some support to think things through, you can also make an appointment to speak to one of our advisers through MyCareer. Have a question? Please email

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