May 4, 2020, by Hazel Sayers

Smart Products Beacon update

Updates on Demonstrator Projects:


Policy Ideation Cards

This project aimed to create a prototype deck of ideation cards that will facilitate users to plan a campaign that influences policy. In collaboration with the Institute for Policy and Engagement at the University – utilising their expertise in shaping public policy – we have now created a new set of cards. Initial development was geared to enabling academics to influence policy makers; however, the cards have been designed to enable much broader use by other groups, with applications at all levels of policy making. The next stage will involve user testing, and subsequent iterative development and expansion of the card deck. The team began engaging with potential participants prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and is now exploring options for remote, virtual testing.

Bridging policy gaps for 3D printed smart pharmaceuticals

An investigations into the scalability of a lab-based Additive Manufacturing (AM) personalised medicine system in the form of a Context-Intervention-Mechanism-Outcome (CIMO) analysis, aimed at gaining insight into how AM can be leveraged to enhance the quality of public healthcare world wide has now been carried out and summarised into a policy brief note.

There is currently no regulatory framework supporting additively manufactured pharmaceuticals in the UK. To address the resulting uncertainties, the project has developed collaborations with UK regulators, such as Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and contributed towards the UK Parliament Office of Science and Technology POST note ‘3D Bioprinting in Medicine‘ (March 2020).

Shaping the Connected Museum II

Our AHRC-funded project will support exploration of digitally connected museums to enhance user experience and broaden accessibility of digitally-enhanced experiences. This work will enable us to strengthen and grow a creative collective of Universities, cultural institutions and industry partners to explore technical, methodological and theoretical challenges in creating and shaping ‘networked’ museums in the UK and China

The Future Machine

The Beacon has joined Arts Council England, Furtherfield Gallery, the Mixed Reality Lab and Haringey Festival of Learning to support this art/research project which combines digital systems, rituals and actions as part of a mysterious interactive device that responds to global and local environmental change as the future unfolds.

Engagement (due to Coronavirus dates of events are likely to change)

‘The Moment’ Live Score Tour 2020, a Brain Controlled film produced by artist and film maker Richard Ramchurn.  Following the success of  an initial EPSRC supported ‘Live Score and initial preview events at Lakeside Arts and the Rejkjavik International Film Festival in 2018, The Moment‘ will tour to 10 diverse venues across the UK.

Mat Collishaw’s exhibition at Lakeside Arts, including Thresholds.

The Festival of Research and Innovation 2020: Live Cinema III.


We welcomed two new Academics:

Assistant Professor Alex Turner – Alex’s research focusses on the development of new technologies in combination with machine learning to improve the diagnosis and treatments of movement disorders, with a particular attention on gait and ambulation.

Assistant Professor Ayse Kucukyilmaz – Ayse’s research focus is in haptic shared control for physical human-robot interaction (pHRI) with the aim of  building adjustable autonomy paradigms to enable dynamic switching behaviours between different levels of robotic autonomy





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