August 2, 2013, by Brigitte Nerlich

Making Science Public: A one-year anthology of blog posts

In spring 2012 we began work on a five-year research programme funded by the Leverhulme Trust entitled ‘Making Science Public: Challenges and Opportunities’ (2012-2017).  The programme deals with all aspects of ‘making science public’, but in particular with controversies around science, politics, publics and participation.

As part of the programme, we began writing a blog which is intended to stimulate internal discussion amongst the team and make the programme visible to the outside world, especially the digital world we now live in. As it’s summer, I thought it might be nice to collect together the posts written during the first year of the programme and give them another airing, as a list of summer readings.

This collection starts with some posts that try to tackle core issues across the research programme. After that the posts are sorted by authors and within authors by topics. Some important topics addressed in our blog are:

  • Science policy and science politics
  • Science communication
  • Science, sciences, controversies and news
  • Climate change
  • Science and religion
  • Open data and open access

Coming to grips with our research programme

Making science public a route to better evidence – 2013/02/06

Making concepts public – 2012/12/03

The privatisation of science is not in the public interest – 2013/02/25

Rebuttal to the privatisation of science is not in the public interest -2013/02/26/

Blog posts by Brigitte Nerlich

Science policy (see also Sujatha, Warren and Alex)

The language of impact – /2012/05/08

Making science policy public – /2012/05/27

The value of blue sky research – 2012/06/08/

Handmaidens and plumbers (on the role of the social sciences) – /2012/09/14/

The impact of earthquakes on making science public -/2012/10/25/

The language of knowledge – /2013/02/15/

Responsible innovation and close encounters of the third kind -/2013/05/27/

Science, sciences, controversies and news

Making neuroscience public -/2012/05/15/

GM food war metaphors – /2012/06/03/

Making science songs – /2012/06/09/

Not God but Goldilocks (on the Higgs Boson)- 2012/07/07/

When the limits of our knowledge collide with the limits of our language (on the Higgs Boson)- 2012/07/22/

Seeing like the Mars Curiosity Rover – 2012/08/08

Taking charge of the apocalypse – 2012/08/17

See through science (on the importance of glass in science) – 2012/08/25

Science technology and engineering in the summer of 2012 (on the Olympics etc.) – 2012/09/09

Metaphor image and now visualisation Darwin’s tree of life – 2012/10/22

Making the planet public – (on pictures of the Earth taken by Commander Hatfield) 2013/04/14

Antibiotic apocalypse – 2013/03/24

Epigenetics switching the power and responsibility from genes to us – 2013/05/06

Science communication

Metaphors in science and society – 2012/07/29

Making science public the issue of language jargon – 2012/08/01

Royal institution Christmas lectures some family memories – 2012/12/24

What is science communication – 2013/01/07

Bringing science to life – 2013/01/22

Wonder Wunder Wissenschaft – 2013/03/10

Gabriel Tarde and science communication some reflections – 2013/05/10

Science communication bridging theory and practice – 2013/05/21

Open data, big data, open access (see also Warren, Bev and John)

Open data – 2012/06/21

Images and visualisations technology truth and trust – 2012/10/06/

Making the invisible visible on the meanings of transparency – 2012/10/12

Open access whats out there – 2012/08/10

Big data challenges and opportunities – 2012/11/20

Climate change (see also Warren Pearce)

Waiting for gate gate – 2012/02/22

Weather or climate – 012/02/27

Climategate media volume and public concerns – 2012/03/02

Climate communication conundrums – 2012/03/14

Languages of uncertainty – 2012/04/04

Carbon and energy – 2012/05/20

Scepticism process not position – 2012/06/16

Rio plus 20 minus hope – 2012/06/26

Unseasonable weather unseasonable climate – 2012/07/15

Silent spring making science public – 2012/09/27

From Katrina to Sandy searching online for links to climate change – 2012/11/16

Abseiling down the climate cliff metaphor 2 – 2012/12/17

Extreme weather events – 2013/01/30

Moderation impossible climate change alarmism and rhetorical entrenchment – 2013/02/27

Public understanding of climate change – 2013/04/07


The story of of – 2012/03/06/

Knowledge language and society – 2012/04/16

Hype honesty and trust  – 2012/04/25

Making science in public – 2012/04/30

Blog posts by Warren Pearce

Atoms are not people comparing the natural and social sciences – 2012/05/18

Climate change

Communicating climate change on the right – 2012/05/03

Science politics and the new scepticism – 2012/10/14

Echoes of climategate focusing on uncertainty – 2012/11/13

Short circuiting the language of Sandy how to balance literalism and lucidity – 2012/11/14

IPCC AR4 peer review climate science – 2012/12/12

Public remaking science seeing sandy science and climate change – 2013/01/13

Weather 1 climategate 0 – 2013/01/25

Are they really climate deniers closing down debate in science and politics – 2013/03/09

Families of climate scepticism i faulty science – 2013/04/12

Open access

The end of journals open access impact and the production of knowledge – 2012/12/06

Debating empty chairs creationism climate and public engagement – 2013/05/17

Blog posts by Alexander Smith

Embryonic stem cells EU – 2012/06/29

Religion science and public education a cautionary tale  – 2012/07/20

On Kansas candidates and creationism – 2012/08/07

Why it matters that mitt Romney is a Mormon  – 2012/08/31

The scientist as political tourist the perils of pairing – 2012/11/07

Is there something dehumanising about science – 2013/03/12/

Blog posts by Beverely Gibbs

Putting science in its place – 2012/03/30

Debunking Nimbys – 2012/11/04

Public worth of STS drawing on STS sensibilities to inform the design of an ethical surveillance system – 2013/05/08

Blog posts by Adam Spencer

Bovine TB some science more politics very public – 2012/10/16/

Unpacking food waste – 2013/03/04

Becoming Tom Good – 013/05/01

Blog posts by John Holmwood

Open access and Moocs follow the money – 2013/02/27

Neo-liberalism a problem of social science and for society – 2013/05/29

Blog posts by Alison Mohr

Which publics when – 2013/03/22

Which publics when part ii – 2013/04/03

Blog post by Sujatha Raman

Science in government – 2012/05/13

Guest posts

Kate Roach The magic of science – 2012/03/23

Ash Choudry Science communication – 2012/06/21

Reiner Grundmann Decision making under uncertainty proposal for a new typology – 2012/10/29

Maura Flannery Making plants science the role of herbaria and images in botany – 2012/11/23

Rusi Jaspal The threat of fracking real or constructed – 2012/12/14

Alison Pilnick The opaqueness of seeing expertise and guidance in clinical interventions – 2013/02/19

Jeff Tamblyn Bring on the yawns time to expose sciences dirty little secret – 2013/05/22

Adam Burgess Competitive risk promotion a historical assessment – 2013/03/27




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