August 10, 2020, by Emma

NUsearch upgrade – August 2020

The library discovery tool, NUsearch has been upgraded today with some useful new features. Read on to find out more about the new developments.

‘About the topic’ overview

Many NUsearch users start their quest for material with short topic searches, often by looking for keywords to help them dive deeper into a subject.

This new feature displays a short topic overview based on your search terms at the top of your search results. You can click through to read more about the topic.

The information comes from reputable reference works in our collections, such as Encyclopaedia Britannica and Gale Reference Library.

Screenshot from NUsearch showing the “About the topic” entry at the top of search results

Export your search results to Excel

A new Export to Excel option allows you to download information about your search results for one or more records to a .csv or .xlsx file. You can select up to 50 records to export.

This new action is available in the Send to menu in the following screens:

  • Brief results and Full record display
  • Saved records (My Favourites)
  • Loans and Requests (My Library card)

After selecting Export to Excel you need to choose a file type of either .csv or .xlsx.

When using the csv file type for non-Latin languages, we recommend that you use Notepad to open the file, but if you prefer to use Excel, make sure that you use UTF-8 encoding.

Screenshot from NUsearch showing showing the new “Export to Excel” option on the Send to menu

Mobile device improvements to My Favourites

A filter icon has been added to the Saved Records tab in My Favourites.

This allows you to sort and filter (by specific labels) saved records when using mobile devices

Screenshot of NUsearch on a mobile device and the new filter icon for saved records in My Favourites.

Changes to Article-level records

We are switching to a new central discovery index (CDI) for our article level records.

CDI provides records from different providers of not just articles, but book chapters, conference proceedings and much more.

Changes that you may notice include:

  • More search results
  • Some new resource types
  • Simplified display of results – Where there are multiple records for the same article there will now only be a single merged record.

Help and support

If you have any questions or feedback, get in touch:

Find out more about NUsearch:

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