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September 17, 2020, by Emma

Research support – find out how we can help

University of Nottingham Libraries’ Research Support Team are here to help you in all aspects of the research lifecycle. Read on to find out more.

It’s the start of a new academic year in which research priorities, and the amount of time available for it, may be changing. For some research leave may have been cancelled, for others teaching may be taking up far more time than it has in previous years, and for others it’s simply become very difficult to carry out research in the old way – without constant access to labs or library shelves.

Given these difficulties the Libraries’ Research Support Team thought to highlight some of the ways we can support researchers – particularly in planning and publishing your research.

Some our services:

Review of Data Management Plans, either for funding applications or research projects that are ready to start collecting data

Support for Systematic Review search strategies

Helping to navigate Green or Gold Open Access, and understanding publisher policies

Advice on sharing or archiving of data sets, either in or in general data repositories

Help and advice on where to publish and how to manage your online researcher profile

If you are involved in planning, conducting, or supporting research, and these services would be of help, we’d be very happy to hear from you.

The Research Support Team can be contacted via for research enquiries or for open access enquiries.

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