March 6, 2024, by uazawm

On trial: Three Drama Online collections

We are pleased to bring you trial access to Shakespeare’s Globe to Globe Festival on screen 1 & Shakespeare’s Globe to Globe Festival on screen 2 in addition to the National Theatre Collection 3 from Drama Online.

Shakespeare’s Globe to Globe Festival

In the summer of 2012, as part of the London Olympic Games’ Cultural Olympiad and the World Shakespeare Festival, Shakespeare’s Globe hosted the Globe to Globe Festival. This event saw theatre companies from across the world perform at Shakespeare’s Globe in over 30 different languages.

Shakespeare’s Globe to Globe Festival on Screen 1 includes 10 of these performances and you can watch a further 10 performances in Shakespeare’s Globe to Globe Festival on Screen 2These collections support courses exploring: global performance; intercultural production, interpretation and reception; and themes such as gender across global cultures. All films will have audio in their original language alongside fully translated English subtitles.

National Theatre Collection 3

This third National Theatre collection offers 20 performances, from Greek tragedy, a medieval morality play, and Shakespeare, to plays about Generation Z.

The trial runs until 30 April 2024.

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