May 5, 2020, by Angela Shearsmith

Kafkas Werke

The Franz Kafka resource Kafkas Werke has moved to the ProQuest platform.

Franz Kafka was a German writer who became a wellregarded figure in 20th century literature. His novels and short stories featured surreal and strange elements, exploring themes of guilt, alienation and existential angst. Kafka was not very well known until after his death in 1924, when his friend and literary executor Max Brod ignored Kafka’s wishes to burn all his works unread, and published a lot of the stories over the following 10 years. This led to Kafka’s writings attracting wider attention and acclaim. 

 Kafkas Werke provides access to an electronic version of the critical edition of Kafka’s complete works in German Franz Kafka, Kritische Ausgabe, Schriften und Tagebücher which was first published in 1982. This makes it possible for students and researchers to explore Kafka’s themes and writings.  

 Highlights include full text access to:

  • Kafka’s 3 novels Das Schloß (The Castle), Der Proceß(The Trial) and Der Verschollene (Amerika) 
  • Posthumous writings and fragments
  • Kafka’s diaries1910-1923 
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