December 16, 2020, by Digital Research

Response to the Government’s National Data Strategy consultation

The UK Government recently invited contributions to its National Data Strategy consultation. Respondents were asked to address nineteen questions about the value of data to the UK economy and society, free access to data, data standards, security protocols, the sharing of data with international partners, and more. As the Government states on its website:

The consultation on the framework National Data Strategy (NDS) was launched during London Tech Week 2020 to explore whether or not the strategy appropriately reflects the opportunities and challenges of our hyper-digital world and considers all relevant priorities, potential trade-offs and decisions. Building on the considered, evidence-based approach used in developing the NDS, the consultation sought to ensure that the framework strategy has set the right overall direction and approach.

The University of Nottingham, under the co-ordination of Prof. John Gathergood and Director of Technology Paul Couchman, collated responses and submitted these for the Government’s consideration. Prof. Gathergood prefaced the University’s responses with the following statement:

Data is integral to the University’s vision to be a university without borders, where we embrace the opportunities presented by a changing world, and where ambitious people and a creative culture will enable us to change the world for the better. This vision presents immense opportunities coupled with significant responsibilities, both nationally and internationally, in the sourcing and use of data across the full portfolio of University activities.

Key points raised in the University’s overall response included an emphasis on access to real-time data, more investment in UK regions as a means of growing the economy, more options for secure data sharing, greater support for open data initiatives and for FAIR data principles, an increased focus on data quality, and a push for UK-wide investment in data analysis skills and training.

We look forward to reading the Government’s response to the consultation, due early 2021.

[Addendum 19.05.2021: the UK Government has now responded to the consultation. You can read the response here]

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