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May 7, 2024, by lqyhs14

Empowering futures: Organising a careers event with social sciences

By Hemakshi Soni, Sociology and Social Policy student

As a part of the social sciences placement, I had the privilege of collaborating with four students and two members of staff to organise a dynamic careers event that would support students in finding their desired career path.

What was involved in the planning process?

We selected speakers representing a range of sectors including further studies, education, law enforcement, civil service and volunteering, I proactively reached out to potential speakers, aiming to foster connections that would cater to the student’s diverse interests and career aspirations.

We carefully considered the timing of our event taking into consideration when students were likely to be free from exams and available on campus. We booked the atrium within the law and social science building and placed signage throughout the building to emphasise the event’s open invitation to all. Refreshments and tempting snacks were also provided to draw in more attendees, after all, who doesn’t love complimentary treats.

Prior to the event, we provided all the speakers with a map of the campus, a reimbursement form for travel expenses and a comprehensive event brief outlining the purpose and schedule of the event.

How did it turn out?

The event was a great success as speakers gave helpful information into their respective career fields and offered invaluable insights into their daily responsibilities. The speakers generously shared their personal career journey and how their roles have changed over time. These narratives served as a powerful reminder to students of the vast array of opportunities available to them, and that it is never too late to explore new paths or career directions.

Following the presentations, students had the opportunity to discuss questions with speakers and look through additional resources such as information pamphlets. I had the privilege of engaging with two inspiring women from the Nottingham Police, delving into their career trajectories and personal experiences. They shed light on the complexities of police work and the importance of resilience in navigating challenging frontline roles. I also had the chance to connect with a third-year student from my sociology and social policy course undertaking a placement as a government social researcher. Our discussion was incredibly enlightening for me, offering valuable perspectives into the field of research and how it relates to our degree.

What skills did I learn?

Collaborating with my peers highlighted the importance of effective communication skills, compromise and shared responsibility. Through collective creation and decision-making, we navigated challenges to ensure the success of the event. Furthermore, this experience has been a great opportunity to develop my attention to detail, organisational and multitasking skills from coordinating speakers, planning the event schedule and advertising and promotion which will serve as invaluable for my future career projects. Additionally, this placement has allowed me to develop my networking and relationship-building skills. Through engaging with speakers, peers, staff, and attendees, I was able to cultivate meaningful connections.

Overall, participating in the planning and execution of this social sciences careers event has been an enriching experience, providing me with valuable insights into a variety of career fields and a new set of skills to carry forward.

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