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March 27, 2024, by lqyhs14

Navigating the Careers and Employability Service

By Hemakshi Soni, BA Sociology and Social Policy

Navigating the Careers and Employability Service can feel overwhelming with the large variety of support services to boost your career confidence. I have simplified key information to help current students make the most of the resources and highlighted some examples of current events, placements and graduate schemes.

Careers appointments

Access tailored guidance by booking a career appointment through MyCareer. Even if you are unsure about your future career direction, the dedicated and friendly careers team is here to assist you with a variety of services such as:

CV reviews: Gain valuable insight into crafting a CV that will stand out to employers through professional advice on structure, presentation and content to effectively showcase your skills and experience to potential employers.

Application support: Gain personalised guidance from career experts to enhance your approach to applications to maximise your chances of success and stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive job market.

Interview support and preparation: Interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience so take advantage of the support offered to refine and practice your answers, build confidence and identify areas for improvement through guidance and practice interviews.

Career choices support: The careers team offers guidance and support tailored to your interests and strengths to help with any issues you are facing looking at different career choices and what to do with your degree, even if you have no idea what you would like to do in the future.

LinkedIn Review: Learn how to harness the growing potential of LinkedIn as a useful tool for networking and building professional connections. Book an appointment to receive tips and guidance on optimizing your profile to attract potential employers.

Psychometric testing: Access a wide range of free resources and practice tests through Graduates First. Develop your skills with ability tests, situational judgement tests and more as well as expert feedback reports for self-improvement

Additionally, the careers service offers appointments for course review/transfer, cover letter reviews, support for disability and more.

Explore careers events

Engaging with various career events and workshops offers an invaluable opportunity to gain insight into different industries and expand professional networks through engaging with industry professionals and discovering potential job opportunities. These events are designed to enhance career skills in an increasingly competitive job market.

Some of the upcoming events include:

Login to MyCareer and search for more events.

The careers service is an excellent place to search for vacancies and opportunities available both locally (including within the university) and internationally.

Internships and placements


Graduate schemes and job opportunities

Whether you are interested in marketing, engineering, teaching or something else, the Careers and Employability Service has a wide range of advice, guidance and opportunities available. To find out more about navigating anything related to careers, head over to the website to start discovering what is right for you.

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