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November 14, 2023, by brzms6

Boost your employability through sports: a graduate’s journey

Amrina Kaur, Employability Officer

We spoke to Adam, a recent University of Nottingham graduate, who’s on a mission to share the secrets of career success through sports.

Tell us about yourself

“I graduated from the university in 2022 with a MEng Mechanical Engineering. Today, I’m a Manufacturing Mechanical Engineer at Renishaw, diving into exciting industries like metrology, medical devices, robotics, and metal additive manufacturing. 

“While I enjoy outdoor sports, my primary focus is on well-being and fun, not just competitive success. If you’re a UoN student looking for tips on diving into the world of sports and boosting your employability, don’t hesitate to reach out on my LinkedIn Profile.

What would you say to another student considering getting involved with sports to boost their employability? 

“Initially, I joined UoN Triathlon not with employability in mind but to embrace the sense of community it offered. Being part of a supportive sports community inspired me to run for committee positions like Welfare Officer and President. These decisions weren’t career-driven but stemmed from a desire to give back. 

“As I prepared for job applications and interviews, I realised the immense value of my sports involvement in showcasing skills like organisation, drive, compassion, and leadership – qualities highly sought after by employers.

“When discussing your sports experiences in interviews, authenticity shines through, making it clear that your involvement came from a place of passion and commitment.”

What skills have you developed through your sports activities and how are these useful in your future career?

“As I look back on my journey after graduation, I can pinpoint three skills from my sports involvement that have been a game-changer in my career:

Active listening: This skill, fundamental in both work and life, allowed me to better understand stakeholders’ needs. Whether gathering feedback from sports society members or responding to colleagues’ requests, active listening fostered meaningful relationships.

Effective delegation: As President of UoN Triathlon, I recognised my team’s strengths and delegated tasks efficiently which not only freed up time for strategic thinking but also empowered my team and enhanced the experience for club members. These delegation skills are transferable to any work setting that relies on teamwork.

Confidence to speak up: Engaging in sports at university is an excellent avenue for finding your voice. It’s a place where you can practice self-expression, whether you’re creating content or refereeing. This experience has been invaluable in my professional life, especially when sharing ideas among unfamiliar or senior colleagues.”

What sort of sporting activities have you been involved in and what did these involve?

“While at UoN, my primary involvement was in UoN Triathlon. As Welfare Officer, I focused on the well-being of everyone in the club through proactive events, signposting, and providing support when needed.

“During that time, the sports societies introduced Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion officers, a role I gladly assumed. Networking and developing ideas in this capacity influenced my current role as a Diversity and Inclusion Champion at my company.

“Becoming President of UoN Triathlon brought broader responsibilities, including managing a committee of 12 to deliver an inclusive and engaging experience for around 150 club members.

“One crucial lesson I learned is that you don’t need to be an exceptional athlete or an expert to make a meaningful contribution. I was elected President before even completing my first Triathlon, showing that enthusiasm and dedication is just as important as experience.

“So, as you consider your journey to a successful career, remember that sports can be your secret weapon. Authenticity, dedication, and the right mindset can make all the difference.”

How has your sports involvement contributed to your career journey? Answer our question to be entered into our prize draw for your chance to win some UoN Sports goodies!

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