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September 5, 2023, by ahyeo2

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

By Emily Oxbury, history student blogger 

When starting out on the career ladder, it’s easy to get swamped in jargon and job titles, and potentially feel out of your depth. Not to fear, everyone was in your shoes once! Here’s a few things to consider to help you overcome potential imposter syndrome when starting a new job. 

Remind yourself you deserve to be here

You worked hard to earn the qualifications required for the job. Remember the time you spent on preparing your CV and covering letter, and the countless times you ran over potential interview questions with your friends. You were selected for the job because you stood out and impressed in the application process, just don’t let yourself forget that! 

Write down your achievements

Sometimes, it can help to have a physical record of your achievements to look back on. Not only will this show you over time in your job how much you’ve progressed, but also makes you look back on each step in your career. Acknowledging your achievements by writing them down makes you stop and think about the vast amount of skills and knowledge you’ve developed in a short amount of time. 

Search out people in similar situations

Be it other new starters in your department or workplace, or friends who’ve recently begun new jobs elsewhere, speaking to people who are also new to their job can be both comforting and reassuring. Understanding that your nerves of starting fresh were felt by friends and colleagues alike will help you to realise you’re doing the right things. 

Ensure you set reasonable goals

Nobody expects you to know the ins and outs of the company you’re working for within your first week in the role. Whilst it’s important to take on guidance and advice, try not to overwhelm yourself by setting unrealistic targets. Develop your knowledge step by step, and soon you’ll be a pro at your new role. 

Don’t forget about your hobbies

When starting a new job, it can be easy to get swept up in the tasks at hand and become consumed in your role. Don’t let your work hours take away from enjoying the things you love. From setting aside half an hour at lunch to pop to the gym, or ensuring you bake a delicious cake when you get home, ensure you still set aside time for your hobbies. This helps you to remain a rounded individual, and can be great for reminding you of all your fantastic assets – some of which may not get to shine as much whilst working your job. 

Unsure of what to expect from your first few weeks in a new job? Check out the Careers webpages on navigating the workplace.

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