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August 2, 2023, by Leah Sharpe

How Working for the Careers Team at University Helped Me Land a Graduate Job

By Grace Smyth, Spanish and Contemporary Chinese Studies student blogger

Over the past year, my final year of university, I have worked for the Careers team as a social media content creator. What started as simply a way to earn some extra money alongside my studies, has actually given me the opportunity to move abroad with the skills I’ve learnt!

I had never considered what working in social media would look like or even considered it as a job for myself. My first week on the job I didn’t even know how to create a post. But a year on, I have found a job I really enjoy!

My dream has always been to work in the charity sector and by chance I happened upon a social media assistant role in an animal charity based in Sri Lanka, that I have followed on Instagram for a while. Securing a job in the charity sector can be extremely difficult but my work with the Careers team has set me apart from other candidates in terms of social media experience, and I am very grateful for that! My experience creating content for the Careers Instagram account has given me all the skills and the passion I need to excel in this role.

What I’ve gained

Not only has my role as student content creator allowed me to earn money with a really flexible job that hasn’t impacted my degree, but I have loved the creative outlet and offering content from a student perspective. I have learnt so much about finding a career too, definitely a bonus! My confidence has increased, and I have loved talking to new people and getting feedback on the content I make. Even filming content at careers fairs has allowed me to talk to employers who have since offered me advice and roles in their companies after seeing the content on the Careers Instagram page! For example, during the Engineering, Science and Technology Careers Fair back in October, when discussing the content that I would like the companies to be a part of, I had some really insightful conversations and was able to connect with some employers on LinkedIn who offered me career advice and even future roles with them. As an arts student, I would never have thought that a science-based careers fair could provide me with opportunities that interest me. Almost a year on, I have kept in contact with those employers and have been so grateful for the connections I’ve made.

My new role

Thanks to my experience in the Careers team this year, after graduation I will be moving to Sri Lanka to further develop my social media skills while working in the charity sector like I have always wanted to. Who wouldn’t want to make videos trying to get cute dogs adopted! The charity WeCare Worldwide, started by a Nottingham alumni, provides vital emergency care to street dogs in Sri Lanka. They focus on sustainable methods of controlling the number of street dogs through vaccination and neutering to help prevent the rabies endemic and lower the future number of dogs living on the street.

The confidence I have gained from working with the Careers team this year, meeting and forming relationships with employers and creating social media content has been invaluable. Not only did it help me through the interview process where I felt confident interacting with my interviewer, I was also able to talk confidently about my skills and experience and convey my passion for the charity sector. The Careers team have been so supportive and encouraging in terms of helping me to develop my skills and giving me the opportunity to explore and execute my creative ideas.

Interested in a career in social media? Check out the Careers webpage to explore the sector and learn where to find jobs and work experience related to this area.  

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