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July 25, 2023, by Leah Sharpe

Earn Money by Sourcing Flexible Jobs Through Unitemps

By Grace Smyth, Languages student blogger

Having a part-time job at university is a great way to build your CV work experience while earning a little extra cash on the side.

In my first year at university, I knew that I had the time and could benefit from a part-time job but was worried about the constraints of finding work in local shops or restaurants and how I would balance this with my studies. I wanted a job with flexibility that could also help me learn new skills for my CV. This is where Unitemps comes in!

Within my first term at University, I became a Student Ambassador and started earning money. My Unitemps jobs have given me flexibility and the chance to earn money without interfering with my studies (my parents were happy about this!).

Here’s a sample of the roles I have completed throughout my four years at Nottingham: 

Language Ambassador  

This has by far been my favourite job at uni! In my final year I have represented the university as a Language Ambassador by going into high schools to give presentations about the benefits of learning a language and running taster sessions of languages they have probably never had the chance to learn. Standing at the front of classes from year seven to 11, and trying to get them excited about languages started as a bit of a challenge, but really has greatly improved my public speaking and confidence. I have loved every aspect of this role and it was uplifting to see the students enjoy the classes and feel more confident presenting and taking on a leadership role. I was able to pick shifts on days where I could work in the morning and attend lectures in the afternoon and really made use of my free time to earn some money and have fun doing it! 

 Student Ambassador  

Throughout my time at Nottingham, I have a been a Student Ambassador each year and this by far is one of the easiest ways to develop new skills while earning money. As a Student Ambassador, your role is to represent the University at a wide variety of events which could include but is not limited to, open days, offer-holder days, and going into schools around the area. This role has really developed my confidence and ability to meet new people and most of the shifts have been based on campus which makes it super convenient too. 

Student Feedback Partner  

As a Student Feedback Partner, I have assisted the University in a variety of roles including attending focus groups to give feedback from a final year student’s perspective on the university, and what actions the university needed to take to improve student experience, as well as online feedback sessions including website design. This role has given me the opportunity to see how the University values student feedback. 

Explore different roles

Jobs are advertised on the Unitemps website and offer you the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of areas such as teaching, student representative roles, administration, hospitality, social media and marketing, and even specialist IT roles. So, whatever you think would be a good use of your spare time – you are sure to find a role on Unitemps that’s right for you. Put yourself out there and gain some new experience, it never hurts to try. 

Interested in exploring current vacancies? Follow these simple steps:

1. Register at unitemps.com

2. Upload your CV

3. Apply for vacancies that match your skills, availability and interests

4. If you get through the initial application stage, the team will contact you to find out more about you and tell you about the position

5. After further shortlisting, the team will contact you about the next steps

Got a question for Unitemps? Call them on 0115 846 7374 or email on unitemps@nottingham.ac.uk

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