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February 2, 2023, by aayar4

How to Navigate Career Indecision: 6 Steps to Success

By Amaia Robertson Nogues, BA American Studies and English student

We’ve all fallen down the job search rabbit hole at one point or another. When you have the whole world at your fingertips, job searching can be overwhelming to say the least. So, here’s some tips and tricks on how to navigate the career wormhole and figure out what it is you would like to do.

1. Networking

Most people are happy to answer a quick question about their job, and whilst websites like LinkedIn can be a great way to get in touch, there’s also great opportunities to learn about different careers with people you are already familiar with. Lived experience is the best insight you can get, so if you have family members or friends who have worked in a position you’re curious about – make the most of it! Bribe them with a freshly made cup of tea and ask them about their role day-to-day, the work culture or how they broke into their field.

2. Speak to the Careers team

They’re here to help! You can book a one-to-one online chat or attend one of the drop-in sessions. Many people can feel a little lost when considering what comes next after graduation, and the Careers team can help you go through your options and give advice specific to your situation.

3. Attend career workshop sessions

Throughout the year there are various talks and workshops with guest speakers who travel far and wide to come and talk to UoN students. Not only might you be lucky enough to get in on the water cooler gossip, but this is also the perfect opportunity to ask questions. There is absolutely no commitment if you think a role might not be the perfect fit for you, so this can be a great starting point. See what’s on.

4. Consider internships or volunteering

Get out there! There’s nothing like getting stuck in to help you decipher what actually goes on behind the scenes of a company you’re interested in. Internships, work experience or volunteering are great ways to gain exposure as well as give your CV a boost. If you don’t think you can commit to an internship right now, try seeing if there are other ways you can volunteer your time. If you’re wanting something a little closer to home, the university also has lots of opportunities to get stuck in. Check out the Careers website to discover more!

5. Look into Career Mentoring

Mentoring is another fantastic way to get first-hand insight into a particular role. It is a great chance to have meetings specific to your career goals, as well as meet some fascinating people. The Careers and Employability Service have a pool of Nottingham alumni that you can apply to be matched with. So, why not try it out?

6. Reflection and goal-setting

If you’re still feeling confused over what you would like to pursue, try reflecting on your current position. Find a piece of paper and scribble down some of your interests and skills; this could help you piece together what you enjoy and you may want to incorporate this in your career. Next, try and jot down some lifestyle preferences that could impact your job search. Would you like to travel for work? Would you like to be based in the UK? Would you like to work remotely?  If this is still proving tricky, try writing down what you know that you are not interested in. Knowing what you don’t want can be just as valuable as knowing what you do, so give it a shot!

With job searching, it can be hard to know where to start, but also just as difficult to know when it’s time to take a break. Most people prefer working towards applications little and often, so don’t panic if you haven’t figured out your dream job in an afternoon. Remember, building a career is an ever-changing process, and most people end up in roles they never would have imagined. So, stay open-minded and who knows what could be the perfect position for you.

Head to the Careers website to find out more about all of the topics mentioned in this blog.

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