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November 24, 2022, by Leah Sharpe

Tips From a Graduate on How the Careers Service Can Help With Your CV

By Saejin, a graduate from South Korea, now working in the UK as a Communications Coordinator

Throughout my studies I was interested in working in the creative industries, and I think exploring the field that you want to work in is really important when planning your career.

To clarify my career goals, I tried to gain experience via extracurricular activities whilst at university, and this process presented a unique opportunity to explore my passions.

I was in the second year of my degree when I decided to draft a CV. I had no idea about writing a CV and there were too many templates online which made me more confused! I had a look at the University of Nottingham’s official Careers website to brainstorm career ideas and the guidelines on how to start a CV. It helped me a lot to begin writing my first CV because the template on the website was well described for students who just started preparing. I decided to try and write down every activity I had been involved in while I was in the university.

After I completed my CV, I wanted someone to review it and I found that the Careers and Employability Service team offered various sessions for students to help them. There are appointments you can book to have your CV reviewed and to check cover letters, and even to practice interview skills. I booked an appointment to get my CV checked and this worked well to check I was doing alright for my career plan.

My advice

Write down all your activities and create a list of achievements while you are taking part in them, so you don’t forget! One thing I missed was that I did not write down every achievement while I was working on something and forgot what my role and responsibilities were. It is important to note down your achievements, role and responsibilities as these are important for your CV and personal development. I still write what I have done at work for my future memory. It will be your amazing archive in your career journey and also your life!

Have a look at the Careers website for help with Making applications, including CVs and cover letters

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