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September 13, 2022, by jhillary1

The Role Sport Played in Developing My Career Skills

By Josh Borlant, Economics student

During school years, I had always been involved in sport, playing football, rugby and golf for respective first teams, as well as externally for local clubs and at county level. Having come to university, I chose to carry on playing football and I haven’t looked back. I’ve had an incredible time at the University of Nottingham and I believe that this is largely due to my involvement within the Mens Football Club.  

What sporting activities have you been involved in?

Throughout my three years at the University of Nottingham, I have been involved in the Mens Football Club. I was fortunate enough to get through the trials in first year and I haven’t looked back since. Most recently during the 21-22 season I played for the third XI, and obviously, whilst University sport encompasses the highly competitive sporting side, I will never forget the camaraderie of the socials and charity work which has been equally important during my valued time in the club.

What skills have you developed and how might these be useful in your future career?

Besides interpersonal skills, balancing sport alongside my University work has extended my discipline through time management and commitment, from the training and game schedules we adhere to.

Secondly, off the field there is also the opportunity to get involved in the club committees. During my time as Welfare Secretary (second year) and President (third year), I was fortunate enough to be given such responsibility whereby many tasks and projects replicated real-life employment, henceforth ameliorating my employability skills.    

What  would you say to another student considering getting involved with sports?

I couldn’t recommend it enough. Whether it’s simply sport or any other form of extra-curricular activities, it reinforces the importance of commitment, teamwork and leadership, all of which are intrinsic within any workplace. Not only providing oneself with a myriad of interpersonal skills, being in a club with over 100 like minded and equally motivated people can build such an extensive network for future employment.

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