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September 7, 2022, by Leah Sharpe

Student Circus: Career Resources for International Students

By the Student Circus team

Are you an international student? Are you kickstarting your career journey and feeling overwhelmed? Job search, internship hunt, or professional networking can be challenging when you’re an international student.

When arriving in the UK, you’ll need some time to get used to new surroundings and culture. By the time you start feeling settled, time is already running out on the application windows for major graduate schemes and such. With the Graduate Route Visa too, you may want to explore the right fit opportunities.

At Student Circus, we can help. Here is everything you should know about the platform and how you can best use the resources available to you.

What is Student Circus?

Student Circus is a niche job search platform that enables international students secure visa-enabled jobs in the UK. International students face the unique challenge of time and visa constraints and cultural disconnect associated when navigating the job market. Started by two former international students, Student Circus provides resources that empower and equip you with the knowledge, skill sets, and tools required to successfully search for jobs in the UK.

How to use the platform

1. As an international student at the University of Nottingham, you have exclusive, unlimited access to the platform using your student ID

2. Visit the website to login

3. Select your university and then select ‘sign up’ on the next window. Use your student email address to set up your account.

4. You will receive a verification link in your inbox, click on it, and you can access all these resources on your account.

Benefits of using the platform

Suitable opportunities: The customised jobs board and information resources are specifically aimed at international students looking for visa-enabled opportunities and internships with employers keen to work with international talent. These also include placement opportunities and start-up internships.

Save time: You can save up to two hours on each job application by using the Student Circus platform, which would otherwise be spent on finding appropriate opportunities and confirming sponsorship status.

What resources are available

Student Circus offers you customised resources and opportunities aimed at international students and graduates:

1. The jobs board lists down skilled worker visa opportunities, internships (including start-up internships) and placements listings.

2. Immigration guide: Have questions about the different kinds of visas available? Our guide from immigration solicitors answers them.

3. Workshops and webinars: We regularly conduct webinars for the students at Westminster. These are micro-training sessions on the UK job market, the application process, information about graduate schemes and so on. Keep an eye out for an email or announcement about the same at Nottingham.

4. You can also read success stories to learn from your peers who have landed jobs in the UK.

Visit Student Circus and log in using your University of Nottingham email address.

If you are an international student planning to work in the UK either during your studies or after graduation, visit our Working in the UK webpage for useful resources.

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