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September 5, 2022, by Leah Sharpe

Develop Your Skills Through Part-Time Work

Unitemps is the University’s recruitment service for part-time, casual and temporary work on campus and with local businesses. A service created just for you, it’s the ideal place to find work that fits around your studies and other commitments.

We asked two students to tell us what they love about working with Unitemps and the important skills they developed along the way.

Hannah Parr, PhD researcher

Job roles with Unitemps: open day ambassador, open day demonstratorProfile image of Hannah Parr

“I have secured work through Unitemps from my first year as an undergraduate, during my master’s, and right through to now as I undertake my PhD.

The work I have undertaken has largely been ‘customer facing’, either in person or remote, which has been excellent for my confidence and communication skills. As I have spent more time in the same roles and time at university has increased, some roles I have taken on given me an increased responsibility for others and their work and also required me to improve my public speaking skills, especially when talking in front of people who I’ve never met before!

If you are considering applying for roles in the university through Unitemps I would really encourage you to do so. It is flexible if you need it to be, as you sign up for roles and shifts when you have availability. It has enabled me to add to my CV and earn some extra money while allowing me the control to organise the work around my studies.”


Hattie Gomme, politics and international relations student

Job roles with Unitemps: website ambassador, cleaning operative, East Midlands Conference Centre assistant

“When I applied for my masters degree in my third year at university, Profile image of student, HattieI knew that I would have to find some part-time work to support my studies. So when I discovered Unitemps and the varied roles that were advertised, I thought it would be an ideal opportunity for me to earn some money but still have time to study and enjoy university life.

I developed many skills, four of which have really benefitted me and I have been able to highlight them as transferable skills on applications for graduate roles. Firstly, the ability to persevere. Some shifts I experienced were short but they can be hard work and everyone is very busy, so it is important to keep calm, ask questions and learn as you go.

Secondly, communication. I developed my communication skills across all the roles I had, but particularly at EMCC as it was often customer facing and involved serving guests at the conference and working with the managers to ensure the event ran smoothly.

I improved my time management skills which was vital to ensure I could manage my studies alongside part-time work.

Finally, teamwork was essential in most of the roles I’ve had. I found that there will often be lots of other students on shift together and it’s important to help each other out and work together, particularly within a fast paced environment.

Part-time work through Unitemps is a great way to begin to understand the importance of maintaining a work-life balance which in turn has encouraged me to become more organised with my studies. My advice to anyone thinking of doing this type of work would be, don’t be scared to sign up to a shift working somewhere new or doing something that you are unfamiliar with – the staff are all friendly and helpful and there is a high probability that other students will be on shift as well, which makes the whole experience less daunting and is also a great opportunity to make new friends.”

Interested in exploring current vacancies? Follow these simple steps:

1. Register at unitemps.com

2. Upload your CV

3. Apply for vacancies that match your skills, availability and interests

4. If you get through the initial application stage, the team will contact you to find out more about you and tell you about the position

5. After further shortlisting, the team will contact you about the next steps

Got a question for Unitemps? Call them on 0115 846 7374 or email on unitemps@nottingham.ac.uk

If you need help developing a CV and writing a covering letter to make a great first impression, we’ve got lots of advice on our website.

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