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June 21, 2022, by Leah Sharpe

Top Tips for New Engineering Graduates in 2022

By an Ignys team of hardware and software engineers

There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in electronics engineering – especially with the rise of IoT technologies. The trick is being able to keep on top of all the rapid changes in the industry.

Engineers from Nottingham based Ignys design consultancy, have collated their top tips for new engineering graduates:

Learn from others

It’s ok to not know it all straight away

Do not despair when you are starting out. You will quickly learn that there are a bunch of tech scenarios that you won’t have seen before, but you can’t know it all straight away. You can pick up techniques faster by learning from others.

Collaborate often

Working in a vacuum will never help you grow or progress. Ask questions, research, run your ideas through with someone.

Find a mentor

Finding the right role model is key when starting out. They will help you bridge the gap between academia and commercial engineering.

Be in the know

Read around the challenges such as chip shortages, find out which industries are booming, and connect with great people online to ask questions.

Interview Tips

Be honest in interviews

Admit what you know and don’t know and be honest about what you want to learn – your passion will shine through! You don’t want to pretend to be someone you aren’t. Too many candidates rely on giving ideal responses to interview questions. As well as talent, companies look to employ honest candidates who are open about their shortcomings but show a desire to learn.

Show and Tell

“All of my interviews for both placement and graduate roles have been largely spent talking about personal engineering projects. If you’ve designed a piece of hardware in your spare time, then bring it with you to an interview (as well as schematics and design drawings).

This will give you plenty to talk about, as well as showing your passion outside of your studies. Also make sure to discuss any challenges or problems you had with it, and how you resolved them.” – Ignys engineer

Finding the right role for you

Choosing the right job for you

Find a role which gives you opportunities for growth and invest in your development with diverse and challenging projects. Remember – interviews are your chance to spot red flags and great opportunities, as well as them assessing you!

Try to avoid being the sole engineer in the business, find roles where you can discuss challenges and bounce ideas off peers.

Good Luck and congratulations on graduating. It’s only the start of your journey, but you’ll do great! Reach out to us if you have any questions.


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