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November 25, 2021, by Jackie Thompson

How Much Could I Earn in My First Graduate Job?

By Jackie Thompson, Information and Communications Manager

When you’re thinking about your future career, there are a number of factors that will affect your choice such as work/life balance, job satisfaction, personal development opportunities, and so on. Wherever it sits on your list, how much you could earn will be a consideration too. We subscribe to The Pay Index so you can find out more about graduate salaries.

Four questions that The Pay Index will help you answer about graduate salaries:

1. What salary could I earn with my degree?

2. What will be my actual pay after deductions?

3. How will my salary vary across different roles and industries?

4. How much could I earn with a master’s or PhD?

Use the widget on our webpage for a quick insight into your potential earnings, for example, an economics graduate working in the East Midlands could earn £23,700 in their first year.  Dig deeper into salary levels, by logging into The Pay Index – it’s completely free to use for University of Nottingham students and graduates.

Through The Pay Index, Izzy secured a 10% pay rise

“I used The Pay Index when interviewing for my first job after university and found it so helpful”.

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“When I was applying for jobs online, I was never sure about what salaries different roles pay, what I should be aiming for, or what was normal, but The Pay Index talks you through all of it.  It gives you knowledge about the different departments in a business and how they are run, along with salary predictions for all roles.

Knowing this, I was able to get a 10% raise on my starting salary offer, as I had the knowledge to negotiate. The Pay Index was particularly powerful for me as it showed the gender gap for starting salaries in the industry I now work in. You can access the data at your desk or when you’re on the go via your phone.

I would highly recommend using this service when starting your career because I gained a great amount of understanding about what you should be paid and what your role should entail, which will set you apart from your fellow colleagues.

All my friends and I have continued to use it when we come up for an annual job review or go job hunting because you can always count on the data being reliable. The concepts you learn are invaluable and helpful to anyone, no matter where you are in your career.”

If you want to find out more about graduate jobs, for example, the difference between a graduate training scheme and direct entry, when, where, and how to apply, go to the Graduate Jobs section of our website.

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