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October 28, 2021, by Jackie Thompson

Stand Out From the Crowd With International Experiences

By Jackie Thompson, Information and Communications Manager

Do you aspire to be a global graduate? Would you like to enhance your employability while travelling the world? Are you keen on an international career? If yes, then studying or working abroad during your degree can help you on your way.

What can you do?

1. You have several options to explore at Nottingham:

2. Apply to study abroad for one semester, an academic year, or summer placement – options dependant on your degree

3. Complete an internship or research placement

4. Go on an international field trip as part of your course

5. Volunteer overseas

6. Undertake a digital summer school, or virtual internship

Why do it?

– Gaining international experience can make you more employable and give you a competitive advantage when entering the globalised workplace.

– You will develop increased confidence as you settle into a new culture and make friends while facing the challenges of studying, working, or volunteering in an international environment whether that’s in-person or online.

– If you’re undertaking an experience in person, it’s a fabulous opportunity to travel, try new foods and explore the sights.

– Through a digital or virtual experience, you’ll gain crucial career skills such as working with others on projects across different time zones, managing your time, and utilising digital collaboration platforms such as Zoom or Teams.

Read our two case studies from Stefan and Annalisa

“Eye-opening and enjoyable”

Stefan Szablewski

Stefan Szablewski, BA History

“I wanted to study abroad, but not on the other side of the world, so I applied to University College Dublin. Considering the pandemic, this ended up being a particularly wise decision because I was still able to attend physically. I feel immensely privileged to be able to say that I did something of note during the pandemic!

Exploring Dublin was squeezed in with my studies, which I found doing from an Irish perspective both eye-opening and enjoyable, the same which can be said of communicating with Irish students in seminars, albeit in an online format. I now feel more confident in both my ability to negotiate the complications and challenges that crop up in everyday life, and in the idea of studying, working, or indeed living abroad in the future.

Studying abroad was an invaluable way of having a great experience while developing skills for life. I couldn’t recommend it enough!”

“Genuinely the best months of my life”

Annalisa Marano

Annalisa Marano, MEng Mechanical Engineering including an Industrial Year

“I always wanted to study abroad somewhere totally different and that’s why I chose China. As a part of the university, it was reassuring to know that my university life would be similar in some respects, but I still got to experience a unique lifestyle and culture at the same time. I wanted to see what it was like to be truly independent without my friends and family.

Although my course was quite intense, I still found time to travel. I went to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu as well as Japan and South Korea. Unfortunately, due to the virus, I had to unexpectedly come back to the UK for the second semester. Of course, culture shock is real. Nearly everything was completely different. From the food to the sudden 30-degree heat made worse by the humidity, which resulted in completely cold showers I never thought I could enjoy.

I’m incredibly sad that I didn’t get to complete the year, but I learned so much about myself at that time.”

Your next steps

Find out more about Study Abroad and talk to us about how to demonstrate your skills during the recruitment and selection process for graduate jobs and internships, or applying for a postgraduate course.

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