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June 25, 2021, by stykjsk

A Spotlight on Tutoring

By Katy Skillen, third-year Master of Nutrition and Dietetics student

Throughout the past year, I have worked as a part-time GCSE and A-Level tutor through an online tutoring site. While the thought of another ‘from your bedroom’ activity might seem like a curse, I have actually found it perfect for me! I believe that online tutoring encompasses everything that is best in a part-time job whilst studying at University. And here’s why…


With changing schedules, busy timetables, and hectic social lives, finding a job that can work around the crazy life of a student is hard! Tutoring means that you can dictate your own working hours, as you only accept slots that work for you. No more cancelling social plans for work! When choosing a job, take time to look at your diary; prioritise university work, then look at social activities or other things that take up your time. Then you can make a sensible decision as to how many hours you can work, and what days- but remember not to overwhelm yourself!

Building skills

Like any part-time job, tutoring vastly expands your skillset, making you more employable in the long term. It has enhanced my communication skills, developed my confidence, and made me more decisive and organised. When looking for a part-time job, make a list of the skills you feel you already have, and those which you want to build. Then apply this list to your job search. You want to be doing something that you are capable of but still pushes you to develop as a worker.

Makes a difference

Finding a job that makes you feel accomplished is always important. Seeing students finally grasp a really difficult concept or knowing that you’ve boosted their confidence before an exam is really rewarding. If you tutor the same student throughout the year, it’s amazing to see them improve and grow in their abilities. It really makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Something different

Like many other students, I’ve worked in bars, cafes, restaurants, and shops; all of these have provided me with great hands-on and customer service experience, but it’s great to find a job that is completely different and a little more unusual. This shows future employers that you have a broad range of abilities and can adapt to new styles of working.

Long-term career

Like any part-time job, there is always a potential that it could go further than that! I’ve found that tutoring has really sparked an interest in teaching. When choosing a part-time role, think about long-term career aims. Perhaps a part-time care assistant role would be ideal for you if you want to work in the NHS, a retail role if you’re interested in sales, or a catering job if you have ambitions of working in hospitality? Part-time jobs can provide valuable insight into future careers, so make the most of this!


So maybe this has inspired you into tutoring, or simply made you aware of how you can use part-time jobs as something more than an activity to help pay your bills! With summer coming up, have a look at summer placements related to your course, or jobs that can help you with career skills building. Use every opportunity to keep progressing towards your final career goal.

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