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June 15, 2021, by indybamra1

5 Essential Steps To Get Into Marketing

By Catherine Sibley, Employability Education Projects Officer

Marketing is a fast-paced career, full of variety and is open to students from any degree discipline. The other good news is that it’s a growth industry, and the pandemic has accelerated the need for digital marketing skills. Below are five tips to help you kick-start your marketing career.

1.Understand marketing

Be clear in your head what marketing is and the type of roles that will suit you and your skillset. Then you’ll be able to craft an application showing an employer you really understand the role and the industry. You can begin your research with our marketing webpage and find out about different employers and the types of marketing roles they have. As well as this, Bright Network offer an insightful and FREE Getting into Marketing online course to help you stand out within the graduate market – so it’s worth checking this out.

2. Enhance your skills

It’s worth examining some marketing job descriptions and then analyse what practical skills employers tend to want. If you need to brush up on some of your skills then it’s a good idea to find online courses where you can teach yourself digital skills, such as Google Digital Garage, search engine optimization (SEO), and pay per click (PPC). That will really impress an employer!

3. Get some experience

Getting some work experience under your belt will help you to understand the sector, develop skills, and pad out your CV. You can gain marketing skills via the University of Nottingham’s Digital Marketing Academy and Digital Transformations Hub volunteering projects, which start in the autumn term.

Remember, there are also online internship opportunities and many charities that would be grateful for people like yourself to volunteer to support their marketing activities.
Look at our work experience webpages for ideas of where and how to apply for internships and work experience.

4. Use LinkedIn

Digital skills are often a desirable skill set for a career in Marketing, so having an up-to-date LinkedIn profile will help to evidence this. LinkedIn allows you to network with people already working in marketing; you can join industry-specific groups and also find out about the latest jobs! Our networking webpage will show you how to set up a LinkedIn profile and how you can start using it.

5. Make a great application

If you’ve followed these steps, you’re probably ready to apply for jobs and internships, and creating an attention-grabbing application should be easier. You need to show an employer that you’ve got what they’re looking for and are super enthusiastic about both the role that you’re applying for and marketing as a sector. Take a look at our application webpage for advice on how to do this.

If you’d like a second pair of eyes to look at your CV, cover letter, or application form, then why not make an appointment with our trained careers advisers. They’ll also be able to help you prepare for an interview.

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