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Dissertations/Projects That Influence Your Career Part 1: CV

By Katy Skillen, third-year MNutr Nutrition and Dietetics Student

It is always really useful to outline your skill set on a CV so that employers can immediately see what a fantastic candidate you are! Also, if you have done a dissertation, then you are bound to have obtained a lot of useful and relevant skills for the workplace. So, don’t keep these talents hidden!

Here are some top tips on how you can weave these skills through a CV…

Time management

I have been given my title for my project now, and I am not expected to hand it in until next January. This gives me around nine months to work on one topic. Yet, with placement, lectures and exams in-between, I’ll have to really plan and prioritise my workload. Dissertations are a great way to demonstrate strong independent working skills, and the ability to motivate yourself to get your work done! Being able to juggle so much displays excellent organisation skills, which is something that every workplace wants!

Hard work

Don’t underestimate the time and effort you have put into your project- it is hard work! You will have undoubtedly faced many challenges throughout and conquering these shows great problem-solving skills and resilience. You will have spent months perfecting this one piece of work, showing great attention to detail and commitment to a topic. Be sure to highlight the timescale and workload that the dissertation carried; this demonstrates what a conscientious and dedicated worker you are!


Whether you are doing a lab-based project, working with the community, carrying out surveys, or running focus groups; communication is paramount! Interpersonal skills will be vital in collecting the data for your research. Written communication will also be very evident in your write-up of the research. Make sure to mention all the networking, writing and connecting you have done to really showcase this skill.


It may feel like an individual project, but you will probably find yourself working with others more than you think. I know that engineering students often have a group final project, so being able to respect and listen to other people’s viewpoints is really important. For me, I’m doing the same project title as another person on my course, so will likely liaise with her throughout the process. Also, don’t forget about your project supervisor! They will be supporting and working with you throughout the process, so use them to maximise your potential by creating a strong team together!

Hard skills

Hard skills are technical abilities that are specific to a particular job. You will have developed so many more of these than you think! Perhaps, you used specialist software or equipment to do your project. Or maybe, you developed your computer skills, whether this is through using Microsoft Office, Google Drive, email, or presentation software. Presentation skills, analytical skills and project management skills are all other hard skills that you will be able to showcase.

Ultimately, a dissertation or final year project is a huge achievement! You will have grown so much as a student in doing one. Therefore, take time to give yourself a big pat on the back, and lap up all the praise and recognition that you deserve!

A CV is a tool to enhance your personal brand, so it needs to be a summary of your relevant experience and skills, which will persuade an employer to interview you. Read more about writing a great CV here.

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