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February 19, 2021, by Jackie Thompson

A Career in Insurance: Supporting Growth and Innovation 

By Janet Wright, Underwriting Supervisor at GJW Direct

On paper, insurance might not be the most glamorous of industries. But, through providing a reliable safety net for businesses and individuals of all backgrounds, insurance providers act as an essential catalyst to growth and innovation.  

If you have a mind for detailsstrong communication skills and a natural ability to connect with people, you could thrive in the insurance industry. 

Insurance roles to suit everyone 

There are roles in insurance to suit almost any skillset. Some of the most common roles include: 

  • Actuaries – The expert analysts of the insurance world. They predict the risk that any given event will occurhelping insurance companies determine how much to charge for each type of cover. 
  • Adjusters – Work with clients and customers who are making a claim. They investigate the accident and try and pinpoint the cause, helping determine whether the insurer should make a payment.  
  • Underwriters – Assess clients to see if they meet the criteria for insurance policiesUnderwriters need strong skills in communication and analysis. A rare mix, but a rewarding role if you fit the bill! 
  • Clerks and Customer Services – Clerks handle all the paperwork related to insurance policies and claims. And as things can get complex, customer service help clients and customers access the support they need. 
  • Marketing – Insurance is a very competitive industry, so there are always roles in marketing to challenge strategic minds. From managers to executives, marketers use creativity to effectively share brand messaging to help support growth. 

New challenges every day 

The great thing about working in insurance is that every day is different – no two cases will be quite the same. Every day will challenge you and require you to draw from your wide set of skills to solve problems and help people.  

While the basics of insurance are universal, there are so many specialist insurance companies out there that provide expert services to their clients. For example, GJW Direct specialises in boat insurance and has been providing insurance to boat owners since 1826! Or if you’re more interested in the arts, firms like Ansvar, work primarily with arts organisations and charities. Whatever you’re interested in, it probably needs insurance. 

How to start a career in insurance 

Relevant degrees and qualifications – As with any role, the more relevant qualifications you have to your role the better. Typically, those working in insurance might have a degree in business studies or finance qualification. However, if you don’t have a relevant degree – don’t worry, you’ll find people from all sorts of backgrounds working in the industry. 

Graduate schemes – Some insurance firms offer graduate development programmesIt’s a chance to build up your skills and your contacts in a challenging, fast-paced real-world setting. Take a look at the Insurance Careers website as a starting point.

Trainee programmes – If you can’t find a graduate scheme to suit you, many insurance firms also offer trainee roles for those looking to get their start in insurance. Firms might be more interested in your skills and personality than in any formal qualifications or experience.  These are entry-level roles, but given the nature of the industry, there are great career progression opportunities. Just search “insurance trainee jobs” on any online job directory to get started.  

Network – Attend career fairs. Find insurance firms in your areaintroduce yourself and express your interest in joining the world of insurance. Ask whether they’ve any placements or vacancies coming up or request to shadow a more experienced member of staff. In short, do your research and make connections. 

Take a look for webpage on insurance and related careers for more information and where to look for vacancies. Need to chat to an adviser about your plans? Book an appointment via MyCareer.

Also, take a look at the companies attending our virtual Graduate Jobs and Internships Fair on Wednesday 3 March between 11am and 3pm. Register before the day to make the most of your time at the fair.


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