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January 13, 2021, by Jackie Thompson

If I Can’t Travel Abroad, How Can I Get International Work Experience?

By Jill Bennett, Placements Project and Systems Co-ordinator

As the global pandemic rumbles on, we all face restrictions and changes to our plans. We constantly hear how important it is to get work experience in all its forms, including international experience. But is that possible? Yes, it is. Read on to find how you can gain experience overseas and the funding available through our International Work Experience Grant.

Gaining international experience

A placement overseas, will help you to develop a ‘global mindset’ which encompasses concepts, such as:

  • learning about the workplace and business practices of international organisations and markets
  • building intercultural relationships
  • recognising and understanding cultural differences

However, with the restrictions on travel you’re not going to be flying off to another country anytime soon but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to gain international experience.

Say hello to virtual internships

International companies and organisations are now offering virtual internships; also known as online or remote internships. Many overseas placement providers, used by students for years, are also now offering the chance to do an international placement from the comfort of your home.

You can start exploring what’s on offer using  Go Overseas. It’s a great place to find lots of placement providers and read honest reviews from previous interns.

With a virtual international internship, you’ll:

  • have much less to organise such as flights, travel, health insurance, visas and vaccinations
  • avoid homesickness! Lots of students do experience homesickness, so if you are not a natural traveller, this is a fabulous time to tap into something you may not have considered.

Some added bonuses

Some providers are making their programmes more attractive by including mentoring, supervision and language skills, while others are offering money off future programmes.

Skills to add to your CV

If you get a virtual international internship, you’ll develop important career skills including teamworking, problem-solving, communication and organisational skills, and you will be able to also add to your CV: online competencies and the ability to work across time zones.

International Work Experience Grant

We can offer help to cover some of your costs through the International Work Experience Grant (IWEG). You could get £350 towards the fees for a virtual international internship.

Interested? Check out our webpages on work experience opportunities outside the UK and the International Work Experience Grant. Applications for the grant are now open!

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