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December 15, 2020, by Benedict Watson

5 Ways to Boost Your CV Over Christmas

Whilst Christmas is a great opportunity to rest and recuperate with your family and friends before tackling January exams, the free time can also be used very effectively to boost your CV.  The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the ways in which we can gain virtual experience and skills, and arguably these virtual programs are now valued more by employers than pre-pandemic. Aside from the crucial skills you learn, and the insight you get into a career, it also shows an employer that you’ve been proactive in the pandemic. 

1.  Virtual internships

Forage formerly known as InsideSherpa, and Bright Network offer great quality virtual internships that you can do in your own time. It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate your enthusiasm for a career, gain an insight into the type of work involved and learn some highly relevant skills, without a huge time commitment! 

2. Part-time work and volunteering

Finding a part time job in the current climate may prove a little more difficult but why not think ahead and register with Unitemps for regular updates and prepare yourself for opportunities in 2021.  You could also boost your CV by looking at volunteering.  The Careers website has lots of advice on how you can get involved.  

3. IT skills 

Why not develop your digital skills?  Google offer online courses which could introduce you into coding, machine learning or digital marketing to name a few! They are a great way to prove to an employer that you are competent at using the technology or have knowledge of different skills.  

4. Learn a language

Learning a language takes a lot of time and persistence, but it could be a great New Year’s resolution. Being multilingual can be a very desirable skill in many careers. Globalisation means that being able to communicate with clients and colleagues across the world is crucial. Duolingo is a great place to start, and if you enjoy it then you could always enrol in a language module at UoN!

5. Start a blog or a podcast

What better way to demonstrate your genuine passion for a career than to start a blog or podcast about a subject area related to the career? For example, a weekly opinion blog looking at recent stock market news. Or a podcast with your friend discussing environmental issues. This is a great way to show that you are confident, pro-active and interested, and you’ll definitely learn lots about the career along the way.

Your next step is to book a careers appointment and have your CV reviewed by an adviser.  If you are looking at enhancing your career skills even further why not explore Magpie our online personalised learning engine.  

Festive wishes from of all of the Careers blog team.

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