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November 17, 2020, by Rosie Pinder

Online Careers Events: Why Virtual Might Be Better

By Rosie Pinder, BA English second year

If you’re like me, your university email inbox is full to bursting with suggested events to get involved in. I often find it tempting to just delete everything and have a nap!

But actually, there are loads of great online events that are definitely worth attending. And, as I have found out, virtual may even be better.

My Experience

The Careers and Employability Service runs many events, and I attended two this month. Firstly, a Creative Pathways Academy event focused on marketing, with speakers from various local institutions. These included Nottingham Contemporary, Lakeside Arts and Dance4. Aside from a useful insight into various marketing roles, it was great to learn a bit more about some of the companies that are a part of the wider city community.

Secondly, I attended the Spotlight On: Publishing, which also hosted speakers but this time from a global company: Harper Collins. This was a brilliant event, cementing my interest in the publishing industry. But it also made me aware of different roles and routes that I hadn’t previously considered, including audio publishing. I booked both events on MyCareer.

In addition to these, I also joined the Impact media conference, run (as the name suggests!) by Nottingham University’s student magazine Impact. This involved many different speakers, most of whom were Nottingham University graduates. They discussed their experiences of TV, radio and newspaper journalism, offering advice and insight.

Why Virtual Might Be Better

Initially I was sceptical of whether these events would be as valuable online as they would have been in person. Yet the virtual experience had many unexpected benefits which made up for the occasional lag caused by my dodgy Wi-Fi!

Below are my top 3 benefits of online careers events:

  • Holding events online makes them easier to attend. With no travelling or preparation needed, you can be scribbling down advice from an industry expert while in bed in your pyjamas!
  • It is easier to ask questions. Instead of having to summon all your bravery and ask a question in real life, it is common practice to type in the Teams chat box. These questions are then picked up on throughout the event.
  • You are already on your laptop or phone, so you can look things up or follow links during the event. This means that if a particular site or follow-up event is recommended, you can check it out straightaway. No need to wait until you get home and inevitably forget.

It is also worth remembering that even if an event doesn’t seem to directly link to your career aspirations, it might be still worth booking.

Maybe it will contain some general advice that really resonates with you. Maybe you will change your career goal all together. Or maybe you will decide it definitely isn’t for you and leave the Teams call. Bonus number four for my list of benefits: this is much less embarrassing than leaving something early in real life!

Whatever the outcome, you have nothing to lose from giving an online careers event a go. So, stop reading this and go and book one!

There are still plenty of events taking place this term for you to join. You can brush up your job-hunting skills,  explore career sectors through our job and sector events or talk to employers at their recruitment presentations.

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