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July 10, 2020, by aeyaebr

Five blogs to start writing during quarantine

By Annie Brown, MA Creative Writing student blogger

So, you want to be a writer? With everyone stuck at home, now is the perfect time for you to get those creative juices flowing and produce your own blog. Crafting and maintaining your own online blog looks great on your CV as examples of taking initiative and handling responsibility, so why not start now?

Here are five examples of blogs you could start writing in quarantine to build your skills and writing experience.

Fitness blog

Everyone is going fitness mad at the moment. Have you been inspired by Joe Wicks, or are you getting off the couch to run 5k? Write your blog about your progress! Your blog could include a diary of your own progress and your thoughts about it. Or you can offer helpful exercise tips, food recommendations, and recipes to your readers, to encourage their own fitness journey. A fitness blog can be a great way to combine your career ambitions with your passion for fitness, while keeping a log of your progress.

Poetry blog

Blogging can help you get in touch with your creative side. If you’re interested in poetry, now is a great time to start publishing your work online. Poetry is exploding online at the moment, inspired by writers like Rupi Kaur and the ‘instapoetry’ movement. Find a platform that works for you and showcase your work. For any potential poets, running your own poetry blog is a great way to showcase to creative industries that you know what it takes to succeed.

Fiction blog

Similarly, fiction blogs are taking off. Have a great collection of short stories you’ve been itching for people to read? Or maybe you’ve finally finished your manuscript and want feedback? Publishing online can be a great way to do both. Publishing your work in instalments is a great method of drawing interest and motivating yourself to write. To any aspiring writers, getting involved with writing communities is a neat way to show employers you understand what writing involves and how to better your own work.

Food blog

Have you taken up cooking or baking as a new hobby? If you’re curious about the culinary arts, you can start a blog to channel your progress, share your favourite recipes and document your learning. It is a great way for you to engage with like-minded people. So, make sure you include those high-definition shots of your delicious delicacies and some food puns, and your blog will be great! Writing about your passion shows employers you are well-rounded and versatile.

Media blog

Is Netflix asking if you’re still watching? Put your consumption of film, television and other media to good use by starting a blog. Review, analyse and discuss content through the written word, showcasing your language skills. Using your interests to boost your written talents not only shows versatility but will demonstrate to employers in creative industries that you understand the intertextuality of different media.

Blogging is an excellent hobby to be both creative and showcase your written work, focus and dedication to something. If you’re interested in a writing career, blogging gives you the chance to start a new hobby that can benefit your future career opportunities.

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