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June 19, 2020, by Jackie Thompson

How Can I Develop My Skills During COVID-19? Magpie Has the Answer

By Hayley Williams, Students’ Union Employability Development Manager

We know that for many of you this will have been a frustrating time possibly missing out on opportunities to undertake placements, paid work or volunteering opportunities.

For others, it might be the last summer before starting a new job and you might have been hoping to undertake some skill development opportunities to prepare you for the workplace.

With this in mind, we’ve created two short online resources which will help you to make the most of the next few months using our online learning engine, magpie. Use these resources to research topics you have an interest in, explore new areas of skill development and reflect on your skills and areas for development.

Developing your skills this summer

This short course will encourage you to think about the skills you want to develop this summer and how you can research and develop these online.  Skills like teamwork, leadership and communication are commonly developed by working or volunteering with others and we appreciate online learning isn’t quite the same. However, it’s still a good opportunity to show employers that you’ve used your time wisely and are committed to your personal development.

Preparing for the workplace

This short course focuses on identifying the skills you’ll need when you start your new role. By identifying what competencies you’ll need,  you can develop these virtually through magpie. The workplace you will enter might not look quite the same anymore. Skills like adaptability, resilience and self-awareness are likely to be particularly important. By suggesting articles, videos and virtual resources magpie can support you to develop these and much more.

Find out more about magpie and explore the short courses.

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