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February 3, 2020, by aeyaebr

A Camp America application: rehearsal for the real thing

By Annie Brown, MA Creative Writing student blogger

Camp America is famous among students for offering ‘the summer of a lifetime’. Having completed it last year, I definitely agree. In addition to providing one-of-a-kind work experience, the application process sharpened my CV writing skills. Here are my five tips on how to write a Camp America application, which you can then use to benefit a future CV.


Camp America advise applying early to increase chances of placement. Early application also means the chance to attend their recruitment fairs around the country and impress Camp Directors in person. I applied late, around mid-March, which meant my online profile was my main chance to prove my skills to Camp Directors. I ensured my application was well-written, confident, and fulfilled the criteria of their own website. I revised my application several times before submitting, making sure it was correct and what they had asked from me.


Camp America requires you to showcase three relevant skills that you believe will make you a good Camp Counsellor. The importance of selling yourself and your skills in a confident manner is crucial. My top tip for this is providing as much relevant detail as possible, emphasising what you learned from your experiences and how it will benefit you at camp. Avoid common phrases like ‘good teamwork skills’ and ‘I have a passion for’ to show your independent thinking and stand out from thousands of other applicants. I chose to include five skills to present myself as a well-rounded individual and give my application an extra boost.


Camp America offers a vast array of camp experiences. Just like when researching an employer or company before an interview, make sure you research what type of camp will be best for you. I chose an all-girls camp as it best suited my previous work experience. Thorough research and careful selection of what type of camp will suit you will aid your application. For example, if you want to work with younger children and are only including experience with teenagers, perhaps change up what experience you’re referencing. Opening your options and applying to a wide scope of camps will increase your chances of being selected and knowing specifically what the camp is looking for will give you a stronger application.


Making a video for your profile is the perfect chance to demonstrate the skills you boast practically. I had never made a video before, but the challenge forced me to step outside my comfort zone. The new experience was great preparation for camp and I was satisfied with the finished product. The video itself does not have to be a masterpiece, but Camp Directors are looking for enthusiasm and a willingness to try. Through your fun, light-hearted video you’re demonstrating that you are able to rise to the challenge. Camp Directors look positively on this and it will increase your chances of selection.


The most important part of the application process is to genuinely be excited about the position you’re applying for. Learn to present yourself in a confident and self-assured manner, while being precise about what you can offer to employers.

Streamline your professionalism and presentation so you can secure yourself the experience of a lifetime.

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