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Four ways studying abroad can help your career

By Joss Hillary, Information Officer

With workplaces becoming more and more globalised; employers are looking for those with international experience. Studying abroad is a great opportunity to develop career-relevant skills you can showcase during job applications.

Maximise your opportunities

Due to my love of travel I always knew I wanted to study abroad and applied for a degree with a mandatory year abroad as a consequence. While abroad all of my travel took place during the academic year, developing my time management skills considerably. I had to plan around weekends, national holidays, vacation periods and lectures to efficiently optimise my time and visit the maximum number of countries. These skills have proved essential for my third year as I have managed to balance 2 jobs, society commitments, volunteering and my studies. This may not have been possible without the experience of juggling my obligations and passions during my year abroad.

My decision to study abroad was without a doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I am confident the skills, experiences and friendships I obtained in Malaysia will last a lifetime.

Emily Doyle, BSc International Management
Study Abroad University of Nottingham, Malaysia

Connect and collaborate

The first semester of my second year was spent studying at McGill University; discovering all the wonders Canada has to offer. I have now completed a research placement over the last year in Brisbane, Australia.

My time abroad helped me discover, collaborate and work with people from all over the world and learn about their culture. It has also provided me with experiences that have helped shape my future life and career plans. These experiences and relationships have shaped me into a more creative, adaptable and confident person.

Ann-Elin Myhre, MSci Neuroscience
Study Abroad McGill University, Canada
Research placement University of Queensland, Australia

Discover your inner-confidence

I chose to study at the University of Hong Kong and was faced with a complete sense of the unknown. The culture was a shock, the language barrier quite apparent and the academics incredibly challenging. Previously, I may have shied away from such challenges but when you’re abroad it requires you to find inner-confidence.

I fully immersed myself; joining both the Dragon Boat University team and the local expat rugby team. I learnt from these teams that although you may live in entirely different cultures you can work together and accomplish your goals as a team.

Utilising all the opportunities of being abroad comes down to managing your time well. I learnt to use the students as my inspiration, changing my previous work methods and incorporating some of theirs. This time efficiency enabled me to use Hong Kong’s central locality to see the world.

Benjamin Dack, MSci Chemistry
Study Abroad University of Hong Kong

Communicate across cultures

I chose to study in Australia because I wanted to experience its unique culture and see all of the country’s natural wonders. Being alone in a country so far away from home meant that I had to go out of my comfort zone to meet people. Studying abroad allowed me to develop the ability to interact with a diverse group of people which is a skill that I will always be able to use in future education and careers. The people I have met and the beautiful places I have visited made this experience the best year of my life.

Jenika Patel, MSci Natural Sciences
University of Western Australia

The experiences these students have gained during their time abroad have helped shape career decisions and lifestyle choices. Making the most of this opportunity while you’re a student is a great way to find perspective and discover a world of possibilities. 

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