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May 23, 2019, by Katy Johnson

My Career Mentoring Journey to Break Into the Translation Industry

By Joanna Tyler, MA Translation Studies with Interpreting

I am currently studying for an MA in Translation Studies with Interpreting and my goal is to become a translator or to find a job within the translation industry. I learnt about career mentoring through emails that the university career service sent out. This would be a great opportunity to gain an insight into what the translation industry is really like.  

My Career Mentoring Journey

After being put in contact with my mentor, we started calling every month via WhatsApp. It was really informal and we started by just chatting through questions that I had about the industry before going on to discuss my mentor’s job as a translation manager. This is role that I didn’t know much about beforehand and so not only was this interesting but it helped me to consider other job opportunities and what they entail

We had the freedom to direct the mentor relationship however it best worked for us. This meant that I could tailor my career mentoring goals to whatever was most useful for me. I was able to ask for help with things such as writing my CV and setting up my LinkedIn profile. It was especially helpful to hear from someone who had a few jobs in the industry and has experience of writing translation-based CVs. I can then be more prepared when applying for jobs a few months down the lineAlso, speaking to someone who uses LinkedIn in their professional life was great because it meant that I could see practically how best to use it from someone with experience.  

Career Mentoring Benefits

The key benefits of having a mentor are that I can ask any questions that come up over the course of the year to someone who has been in my place. They will know the steps that I need to take to break into the translation industry. My confidence has grown in being able to apply for jobs as I have a better understanding of the industry and how best to present myself as a candidate. 

It has assured me that translation really is something that I am interested in, especially after hearing about different opportunities such as the chance to travel abroad. I would definitely recommend career mentoring to anyone because it is a great opportunity, at whatever stage you are at, to chat with someone in an industry you are interested in and to talk through your next steps with someone who has been in your shoes.  

If Joanna’s journey has inspired you, take a look at more information on how to become a mentee. Fill in an expression of interest form and we will notify you when the applications open in Autumn 2019. If you are considering a career in translation and interpreting, take a look at our useful resources to support you in getting into this industry.

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