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April 12, 2019, by Katy Johnson

From UoN Student to Working in Malaysia

By Joey Sim Yee Lim, MA Languages and Intercultural Studies Alumna

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog post. I’m Joey, an alumna from the University of Nottingham, you might have seen my face before in one of the vlogs for the University.  

So, here’s a little story of my job hunting journey in Malaysia after my studies in the UK.  

The end or the beginning?  

I still remember the end of last year, I had mixed feelings of bittersweet and slight nervousness. I felt bittersweet as I was excited to go back to my home country, Malaysia after so long. However, at the same time, there was this glum side as I was approaching the time to leave the place I had called home and where I had made great memories. As well as this, I felt nervous as I was not sure what was waiting for me back home in Malaysia – I was uncertain about the state of the job market. 

The journey in Nottingham

During my study period in Nottingham, I received professional advice from the amazing Careers Team at the Career Office. This was by attending career appointments to understand my career pathway, my career options and getting feedback for my CV! I even dropped by to some of the events to polish up my career preparation and which I also created a vlog about.

As for the services and events that I mentioned above, you can find them in MyCareer which would provide you with so much help for your career preparation. 

The journey in Malaysia

Upon returning to Malaysia, as I was quite clueless about the job market situation. With the help of the Careers Team at UK Campus; I managed to get contact with a career adviser based in the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. I booked onto an appointment to meet him to understand more about the industry and how to look for jobs in Malaysia. The Career Advisory Office is located at Room HB14 & HB15 (Block  H), Level 1 of the Malaysia Campus. 

Absorbing the advice from the lovely career advisers from both campuses, I then thought about my career prospects and began to consider which industry I would like to work in. I came to the conclusion that I would want to work in the education sector and had an interest in working with students and young adults. From there I then began to scope the work sector to look for opportunities and submit my applications. Not long after, I was called for an interview from one of my applications. Using the information that I learned from the workshop about how to ace the job interview, I created a vlog on how to succeed in an interview.

I got the job!

Following this experience, I prepared for the interview where I tried my best and got the job! I secured an Education Consultant role at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia. Currently, I am loving the job environment so far and learning as I go. 

All thanks to the support and guidance that I received from the Careers Team throughout my studies as well as after university life. I would encourage any current student and graduates to go for career appointments, career events and drop-in sessions by the Careers and Employability Service. It would definitely help you in your career development and lastly, good luck in your job search! 


If you are looking to work globally, book on for a careers appointment with one of our advisers. We offer you support wherever you are in the world. Also, take a look at Passport Career, an online international database of careers information. Accessible only to current students and graduates at the University of Nottingham, you will find advice and guidance on over 80 countries, have access to monthly webinars and get career, CV, application and cultural advice.

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