December 17, 2018, by Katie Watson

All I Want For Christmas… Is An Internship

By Katie Watson, BA History, second year

Well done! You made it to the end of term, which is an achievement in itself.

However, if you are like me then you have just realised that you still don’t have an internship, can’t master logical reasoning tests, spend more time on Twitter than LinkedIn, and don’t even have your Christmas shopping completed.

If only Santa could leave an internship under my Christmas tree.


Since that’s probably not going to happen and I don’t want to spend Christmas worrying about life after graduation, here are five practical things I plan on doing that means I can relax, but I won’t get super stressed when my family ask the inevitable:

“So what do you want to do when you graduate?”

1. Update my CV

My CV is definitely not as good as it could be. Over the holidays there is a lot more free time. I’m going to pencil in a couple of hours to try to make it look as perfect as a snowflake.

If you are stuck, here is an amazing blog post that might help you.

2. Explore the latest Nottingham Internship Scheme vacancies

Santa might not be bringing me that internship for Christmas, but the folks in Careers are offering a helping hand.

They have been working with local companies to create paid two-week opportunities during the next holidays, and applications are open now.

3. Make your LinkedIn look as good as your Instagram

I like to think my online presence is good, but my LinkedIn is definitely not. It is something I started to make three months ago and stopped. I wish I cared about my LinkedIn the same as my Instagram.

This holiday I am going to treat it like it’s my baby. I plan on spending an hour or two on my laptop to make it shine like my Christmas tree.


I am also going to download that app on my iPhone so I can check it on the bus on my way to the festive fun. Here are ten profile must-haves to get you started.

4. Check out next term’s events on My Career

We are lucky enough to have such a great Careers team at University. Last year, I made the mistake of missing great events simply because I didn’t book them in time.

Think about what you enjoy doing and find interesting, then keep checking this list to find an event that is relevant to you. NB. It will be fully updated in January.

5. Sleep, relax and have some Christmas fun

By doing these simple, productive tasks you’ll be able to feel like you’ve accomplished some career goals and can properly enjoy some Christmas cheer.


If you’d like some to nip in for some advice this week,we are open until 21 December. We then open again on January 2. Have a fabulous Christmas break! 

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