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May 23, 2018, by Grace Pownall

Three Ways to Make the Most of Your Last University Summer Break

By Grace Pownall, final year, studying civil engineering

With three months off between my final University exam and starting my grad job in Nottingham – more on this here – I’ve got a lot of free time to fill this summer. I’ve spent a good portion of my last two summers doing work experience placements, so it’s been a while since I’ve had a nice long break.

Aside from a holiday or two and graduation day, I’ve not got any plans. So I’ve made a list of things to do to make the most of my last long summer.

1. Relax

Obviously, the first thing on my list is rest and relaxation. My fourth and final year has been extremely busy, so I’m very much looking forward to having some ‘me time’. I will be watching TV for pleasure rather than procrastination, eating meals at the dinner table rather than a desk, and having time for an actual social life!

2. Read

Throughout my time at University I can only remember reading one book in full, and that was Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in a single afternoon…

I’m looking forward to reading for fun and making my way through the pile of unread books I’ve accumulated over the years. Some are to do with engineering, but most have nothing to do with my degree, and will be a welcome break from reading papers for my dissertation! It will be nice to expand my knowledge beyond the niche area of my research project.

3. Keep learning!

Just because university is over doesn’t mean my education is. I’m excited to go to the Cheltenham Science Festival to see talks about skyscrapers, veganism, climate change and exercise.

In July, I’m attending the third Young Engineers’ Conference run by the Institution of Structural Engineers. I went last year and really enjoyed myself, and it’s a great place to practise your networking – read my top tips here.

I’m also looking at some free online courses, provided by sites, such as Futurelearn and Coursera, to keep my brain busy!

Graduating this summer like Grace? We’re here over the break if you want to nip in for some advice. Heading home? We can also offer support via email and Skype. 

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