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May 9, 2018, by Carla

How I Found Part-Time Work in Nottingham

Laura Fisher, Recruitment Administrator for JobZone, interviews Eleanor Flynn, LLM Human Rights Law (2017)

When I started at the University, I quickly realised that it was necessary to start building skills and experience to enhance my CV and help me secure employment when I graduated. Plus a bit of extra money was very enticing too!

A friend recommended that I check out Unitemps to look for temporary work to fit in around my studies.

How easy is it to apply through Unitemps?

I found it really easy to use Unitemps. Especially after the Careers and Employability Service helped me to write a strong CV.

Initially, I applied for a lot of jobs, but I didn’t get shortlisted or placed from my first few applications. I wasn’t really sure where I was going wrong, so I sought feedback from the Unitemps team, adjusted my application technique, and eventually started getting work.

What type of work do they offer?

I have been placed in a wide variety of roles through Unitemps. From helping out as a student ambassador at a careers roadshow to being placed in an full-time administrative position during the summer.

Now that I have graduated, I am working through Unitemps in a temporary position as a full-time recruiter. This is great experience, and means I started earning immediately after graduation.

Why the wide variety of work?

I knew that it would help me in the future to have a varied selection of roles on my CV. As I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do next, I aimed to showcase adaptability and a range of experience. Plus, I enjoy getting stuck in and taking on new challenges.

By trying out different types of jobs, it helped me to define what I might want to do – and what I definitely don’t want to do! – in the future.

Any advice when looking for work though Unitemps?

1.  Make sure you have a really strong CV. Book an appointment to go through your CV and covering letter here. Then tailor your covering letter to every job you apply for. You need to show the hiring manager why you are applying for the role and what you can bring to the table.

2. Don’t give up. You may not get the first job role you apply for, but you can always ask the team for feedback and adjust your CV accordingly.

3. Be professional. If invited to an interview or on your first day at a new job, make sure you turn up on time, look the part and act the part. You don’t want to leave a bad first impression.

4. Update your CV. After you have undertaken a temporary assignment through Unitemps, make sure you update your CV to reflect the new skills and experience you have gained. It will make applying for the next job much easier.

If you want to find out more about Unitemps, check out our website and register now. You can also find more information about part-time work online. 

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